How to Build a Tunnel Slide for Your Backyard Playset

What You'll Need
A normal slide
A drill
Drill bits
Stainless steel bolts
Four plastic cylinders (or cardborad cylinders)
A saw (or electric blade cutter)
Safety glasses
Stainless steel hooks and their counter parts

A tunnel slide can occupy children for hours. A backyard playset will encourage your kids to play outdoors instead of watching TV all day long. Tunnel slides used by schools are very expensive to buy, hence it is a good idea to try to make your own tunnel slide. It can be challenging to create a tunnel slide so you will need some experience before you attempt this project. Also, it is best to ask a friend to help you in the cutting or assembling stages, since the materials used can be a little heavy. This article will show you how to build a tunnel slide for your backyard playset.

Step 1: Using the Normal Slide

You will need a normal slide before starting to build a tunnel slide. If you already have a basic playset, most likely you already have a normal slide. If you don’t have a slide, either build one yourself or buy a cheap one from a toy store. Measure the length of the slide and take note of it. If the normal slide has a bendy design you won’t need to measure it along with the bends, just measure it from the top to the bottom in a straight line.

Step 2:  Using the Cylinders

The cylinders need to have a diameter of around 40 inches, at least. The cylinders can be either plastic or cardboard; plastic is more durable. For a more colorful display, you can paint each cylinder in a different color. Use water resistant paint since the cylinders will be used outdoors. If the cylinders are too long in comparison with the slide, cut them using the table saw. Always remember to use the safety glasses when using the table saw.

Step 3: Fixing the Cylinders Together

Now you have to install two door or window hinges on the cylinders. You have to use two hinges per two cylinders. Install one part of the hinge on the first cylinder and the other on the second cylinder. Use the drill to drill the holes needed. Secure the hinges with bolts.

Step 4: Installing the Tunnel On the Normal Slide

Install two hooks on each side of the first cylinder (the top cylinder). Install counter hooks on the metal or plastic handles of the normal slide. Now insert the tunnel into the normal slide (bottom up). Secure the hooks and their counter parts together. Now you have a tunnel slide. Make sure that the hooks are installed in a high enough position for a child to slide under it.


As you can see it’s not easy to build a tunnel slide but in the end it’s worth it. Also, make sure that it is completely safe before using it.