How to Build a TV Stand with Glass Doors

A TV on a set of drawers
What You'll Need
Two glass panels, approximately 1/2x14x40 inches
Silicone glass adhesive
Glass attachment hardware
Nail gun
Pin nails

A TV stand with glass doors is a distinctive piece of furniture with elegant molding and glass doors. These doors can consist of plane-paned glass, or for added interest, frosted, leaded, or stained glass can be added. Add dentil and crown molding, finish with several coats of varnish, and a TV stand with glass doors becomes a masterpiece.

Moldings (All measurements are in inches and approximations of thickness, width and length)

  1. 3/4x6x23 bottom side pieces (2)
  2. 3/4x6x38 bottom front (1)
  3. 3/4x4-3/4x24 bottom sides (2)
  4. 3/4x5x38 bottom front (1)
  5. 3/4x3x23 top sides (2)
  6. ¾ x3x38 top front (1)
  7. 1/2x1x23 dentil molding (2)
  8. 1/2 x1x37 dentil molding (1)
  9. 2x2-1/2x25 crown molding (2)
  10. 2x2-1/2x42 crown molding (1)

Step 1 - Install Glass Panels

The doors should have a ¼ inch deep by ¾ wide groove routered out along the inside edge. Place the glass panels in this groove and ensure a tight fit. Place a thin bead of silicone glass adhesive within this groove and gently place the glass inside the groove. Next, cut thin strips of wood and attach to the inner side of the door to firmly hold the glass in place. If using leaded glass, glass attachment hardware may be required.

Step 2 - Install Bottom Front and Side Moldings

Rout a ½ inch cove along the tops of pieces 1 and 2, and a bead on the tops of 3 and 4. Countersink screw holes in the three inner pieces of moldings 1 and 2. Screw these pieces into the cabinet. Dry fit moldings 3 and 4 and when satisfied of a good fit, glue these to the inner molding pieces.

Step 3 - Attach Crown Moldings

Attach top sides and front (5 and 6) to the topsides and front of the cabinet by countersinking holes and screwing them into the cabinet. Miter cut each of the ends of the crown moldings (9 and 10), and glue them to the top and sides of the cabinet. These may be held in place with masking tape or nailed in place with a pin nailer and nail gun. Any existing holes will be tiny and can be puttied if necessary.

Step 4 - Construct Dentil Moldings

Build a wooden jig to attach to a table saw fence with a 1/8 inch peg placed ½ inch for the saw blade. Place a piece of the dentil moldings (7 and 8) on the table saw and make an initial cut, ½ inch from the end. Place this cut over the 1/8 inch peg and make the next cut along the molding until it has 1/8 inch cuts placed evenly along every ½ inch. Attach these pieces just below the crown moldings.

Step 5 - Final Finish

Beginning with 100 grit sandpaper, sand the entire TV stand and apply masking tape to cover the glass doors. Finish sanding with 220 grit sandpaper, and wipe down the cabinet with a clean cloth saturated with mineral spirits. When thoroughly dry, apply a solution of 50% varnish to 50% mineral spirits as a first coat to seal the wood. Sand carefully and lightly with 220 grit sandpaper, and then apply several more coats until you get your desired finish.