How to Build a Twin Canopy Bed

A canopy bed.
  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-500
What You'll Need
Drapery fabric
Sewing machine
Wood glue
Paint or stain
Nail gun
Curtain poles

Twin canopy beds are perfect for little boys and girls that would like a little frill, a little lace, and a little fantasy. Canopy beds are such dainty and pretty additions to any bedroom. Building a twin canopy bed is a relatively easy task. You need to have a bit of patience and a few days to complete the project. Below are the outlined steps that you need to follow to build a nice twin canopy bed.

Step 1 - Make and Assemble the Bed Frame

Begin by creating your bed frame. Measure your existing bed frame and cut the wood pieces for your new bed frame to match. Add two support bars horizontally in between the two side frame pieces of your bed frame. Use nails and a set of screws to assemble the pieces together. Attach one hanger in each corner. The hanger will allow your bed box spring to sit in place. Attach wheels to allow the bed frame to roll from one side to the other. You will be able to move the bed around the room without too much effort by attaching wheels.

Step 2 - Add the Bed Box Spring and Mattress

Once you have placed the frame in the right location, add the box spring and mattress.

Step 3 - Make the Headboard and Footboard

Depending on your style, make the headboard and footboard. You can make something very simple with a sheet of plywood for a headboard. Cover the sheet of plywood with batting and material. Use buttons to adorn the fabric headboard. If you are making the bed for a child, they will love the feel of a fabric headboard. For the footboard, wrap it very much the same way and use the buttons on the outside piece of the footboard. Include your children in the project and ask them if they would like to pick out the buttons that you add.

Step 4 - Attach the Poles

Take four poles and attach them to the footboard and the headboard you have just made in Step 3. The four poles should be cut to size. Most canopy beds are made with 5 to 6 foot high poles. The four poles should be set up so that they sit on the floor of each bed corner. Screw the metal poles in with screws. If you have not purchased poles with holes already punched out, you will need to drill holes into the metal first at the location where you intend to use the screws.

Once the vertical poles are in place, add the support horizontal poles. Four horizontal pieces will attach at the top of the canopy. These poles should be no more than 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Their length will be dictated by the length in between the poles. Insert the horizontal poles into the vertical frames. Clamp in place.

Step 5 - Cut Fabric

Cut the fabric. The fabric should be taut from one end of the frame to the other. So, taking a normal size twin bed, your fabric should be at least 5 feet 6 inches wide by 7 feet long (this will allow extra room for seams and basting). You may need to cut multiple sections to make the required length and width.

Step 6 - Sew the Fabric

Sew all the sections of the fabric together. Sew the seam or hem in place.

Step 7 - Attach the Fabric

Attach the fabric to the top portion of the canopy bed frame. Use Velcro to wrap the edges around the poles. Take the end of the fabric and wrap it around the pole. Secure it to the top piece of fabric with Velcro. You will repeat this process on all corners of the canopy bed. Arrange the fabric so that it has the flounce you are looking for.