How to Build a Vegetable Garden Fence

A vegetable garden fence will protect your future harvest but you must know the size of the animals you are keeping out of your garden before deciding upon the type of fence to build.

Consider Disposable Fencing

Consider building a vegetable garden fence as a modular fence so it can be moved and repaired easily.

Chicken Wire

Probably the most effective barrier to small animals is chicken wire and a temporary movable chicken wire fence will be inexpensive and easy to build


The fence will be built in panels.

Materials per panel

  • Wood--2 pieces 6 feet. x 1 inch x 1 inch
  • Wood--3 pieces 1 foot 10 inches x 1 inch x 1 inch
  • Staples
  • Stapling gun
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Chicken wire--6 feet x 2 feet
  • 3 thick bamboo canes--3 feet 6 inches long or longer
  • 2 sets hooks and eyes

Step 1 - Make the Panel Frame

The frame is made by nailing the 6-foot pieces of wood to the 1-foot 10-inch pieces to make a rectangle. The third 1-foot 10-inch piece will be nailed at the half-way point. The finished frame is 6 feet-by-2-feet

Step 2 - Staple the Chicken Wire

Lay the frame on a level surface and place the chicken wire on top. Staple it to the frame with a staple every 3 inches all round the frame and down the overlap.

Step 3 – Fix the Hooks and Eyes

Turn the frame over. At the top right-hand corner, screw 1 of the hooks 3 inches from the top. Screw in the second hook 6 inches from the bottom. At the top left-hand corner, 3 inches from the top, screw in an eye. Screw in the second eye 6 inches from the bottom.

Step 4 - Make More Panels

Measure the length of the perimeter of your garden and divide the total number of feet by 6. This is the number of panels you need to make.

Step 5 - Setting the First Panel in Place

If you want a straight fence, set up a line on stakes to mark the boundary. Hammer 2 bamboo canes about 5 feet apart and 18 inches into the ground along the boundary line. Place the fence panel up against the canes on the outside of the line. Hammer the third bamboo cane into the ground tight against the panel on the inside and along the center line. The panel will be held up by the 3 canes.

Step 6 - Setting Subsequent Panels in Place

Subsequent panels are placed in exactly the same way and they will be connected to the previous panels by the hooks and eyes.

For access to the garden, simply unhook one of the panels and lift it out.