How to Build a Vertical Wind Turbine How to Build a Vertical Wind Turbine

What You'll Need
Propellers (aluminum disks or wooden propellers)
center shaft
welding equipment
magnet motor

There are two different types of wind turbines that one can build: the vertical wind turbine and the horizontal wind turbine. The horizontal ones are usually seen in wind farms. These turbines are large and typically look like huge propellers. Vertical wind turbines work the same way as horizontal ones in the process of creating a natural energy source. The main difference is that vertical wind turbines are designed using a vertical axis. These turbines also solve some of the engineering issues that are found in most horizontal models. Here are some steps to creating your own vertical wind turbine.

Step 1–Choose What Design to Use

There are basically two wind turbine designs that you can choose from: the Savonius and the Darrieus type. The Savonius design makes use of the drag mechanism while the Darrieus design makes use of the lift mechanism. As for most people, the Darrieus design works perfectly because it provides more energy, but will require more technical skills. The Savonius design produces less energy, but is easier to build.

Step 2–Buy or Build the Propellers

Use the Savonius turbine design which employs aluminum disks as propellers. Cut the aluminum disk into two halves to serve as the turbine’s propellers. These two disks are to be placed side by side facing opposite directions. For the Darrieus turbine, the propellers can be shaped from two long and narrow pieces of wood. Curve one side of the wooden propeller using a sander. The idea here is to create a propeller blade similar to that of a helicopter’s. The wooden propellers should be equal in length and narrow enough to create a slight flexibility. You can also choose to make three propeller blades instead of two. However, two should make the construction simpler.

Step 3–Connect the Propellers to the Central Shaft

Join the propellers together by attaching them to the central shaft at both the top and bottom ends. The top and bottom ends of the shaft should be joined with bearing housings. The bearing housing can be made out of recycled materials, such as axles from vehicular parts. The shaft will serve as the rotational axis for both propellers. Attach the bearing housings by welding them to the shaft.

Step 4–Test the Turbine

Test the turbine if it gathers enough wind energy before installing a magnet motor. Measure how many revolutions it can make in a minute. If it can harness enough wind power, then you are ready to connect the final piece.

Step 5–Connect the Magnet Motor

Purchase or build a magnet motor. Connect the motor to the turbine using a belt and pulley system. The motor can also be connected directly to the input shaft. The equipment can be mounted on the earth or on any other surface. Connect the battery bank to the motor in order to store energy. The generated power can be used to charge batteries. marcomarelli/


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