How to Build a Vinyl Trellis How to Build a Vinyl Trellis

What You'll Need
Six inch stakes
Quick set concrete
Post hole digger
Eight inch posts
2x2's (quantity of 2)
Trellis panels

Having a vinyl trellis increases the resale value of your home. It is a nice, affordable addition to your yard. In the article below you will discover the steps needed to complete this do-it-yourself project, as well as the tools you will need to make this project a successful one.

Step 1 - Deciding the Location and Size

The first thing you will need to do is decide where you are going to put your trellis, and how much of an area you will want it to cover. Once you have decided this, mark the space out.

Take a six inch stake and place one in each corner ground of the area you just marked out. Take out your string, and run it along these posts. This will be what you will follow to keep things straight.

Step 2 - Dig

Take out your post hole digger, and start digging holes about every six feet. Make them about two and a half feet deep, following the string line you've created.

Step 3 - Fill With Gravel

After all the holes are dug, you can fill them with about six inches of gravel. This acts as a protection to your posts.

Step 4 - Mix the Concrete

Next, get your wheelbarrow and package of concrete mix. Read the directions on how to mix this sort of concrete. Mix enough concrete for one post at a time so it won't harden on you before you are ready to use it.

Before moving onto the next step, you will want to make sure you have your two two by twos, a post, level, and concrete ready.

Step 5 - Set the Posts

Take a post and set it in the first hole you will be working on. Get it even, and using your level, make sure it is straight. When you have it in the right position, take the two by two's and wedge them against the post on both sides to hold it into place.

When you have the pole securely held in place, take your concrete, and pour it into the hole. You will want to pour enough concrete that it overflows just a bit from the hole. You can leave the two by two's wedged against the pole until you need them for the next post. This will give time for the concrete to set enough so the post will stay in place. 

Repeat step five until all the posts have been placed. After the posts have been set, you will need to allow it to dry. This usually takes about twenty four hours to be done completely.

Step 6 -  Inserting the Panels

Now that the outline is done, you can set the first trellis panel between the first two posts. Make sure that the top of the panel is about even with the top of the posts. Take out your hammer and nails, and secure it into place. You will want to place a nail about every five to seven inches along the trellis. Repeat step six until all the trellis panels are up. 

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