How to Build a Wall Magazine Rack How to Build a Wall Magazine Rack

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wooden Dowel
A small saw
Strong glue
Wood clamps
Small nails
A hammer
Picture hangers (Two)

A wall magazine rack is a great way to tidy up and display large collections of magazines. Your current collection may currently be piled up in the corner of a room; this does not look appealing and it could damage the corners and faces of each publication. The materials needed for a magazine rack are cheap, accessible and should be found around most houses. Magazine racks are quick and simple to build.

Step One - Mark Wood

Use a pencil and the tape measure to make measurements for five pieces of plywood which will form the magazine rack. The back piece should be 25 by 26 inches, the front should be 7 by 25 inches, two small pieces for the sides should be 5 by 7 inches and the piece for the bottom should be 4 1/2 by 26 inches. You can check the measurements are accurate by forming a rough magazine rack with pieces of paper.

Step Two - Cut the Wood

Use a small saw to cut along the measurements you have made on each piece of wood. A good tip is to write the position on each piece of wood after you have cut it. Once all pieces have been cut, roughly assemble them to make sure the wood matches and forms a vague magazine rack. If there are any slight variations in the measurements, use a piece of sandpaper to equal them out or saw off pieces as needed. Also, remember to sand along the edges where they have been cut. This will remove wood fibres and create a smooth finish.

Step Three - Assemble Magazine Rack

Lay the pieces of wood out in front of you. Use strong adhesive glue and lay a suitable amount along the points where each piece of wood joins. Use a wood clamp as you go to keep the glued wood in position and apply small nails at each joining point for maximum purchase. This will make the job of fixing the remaining pieces much easier. At this stage, wooden dowel can be glued and nailed across the front of the rack to stop magazines from falling once the rack is in use.

Leave the clamps on after the magazine rack has been assembled and do not remove them until the glue has dried. If you take the clamps off before the glue has set, the rack could easily fall apart. Use a small piece of sandpaper to remove any excess dry glue.

Step Four - Mount the Magazine Rack

Use some small nails and a hammer to gently fix two picture hangers onto the back of the magazine rack. Use the tape measure to make sure they are an equal distance from the top, sides and each other. If the distances are not equal, the rack will hang at an angle. Hammer or fix screws with plastic cases into the wall. Make sure these are the same distance apart as the picture hangers on the back of the magazine rack. Hang the rack on the nails or screws and place a few magazines into the rack to check that it holds firm.

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