How to Build a Wall Mounted Coat Rack

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  • 4 hours
  • 20-30
What You'll Need
A pre-cut piece of wood (readily available at a lumber store)
Drill and drill bits
Tape measure
Hooks (number depends on need)
Paint or polish
Soft cloth
Black marker
Safety goggles
Rubber gloves

A wall-mounted coat rack not only helps to organize your clothing and coats, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to your house entrance or hallway. Although you can purchase a wide variety of coat racks in the market, building your own coat rack tends to be less expensive and is extremely simple to build. Moreover, it will be tailor-made and customized to suit your needs and requirements. The following steps will explain the process of building your own wall mounted coat rack.

Take Measurements

Use the tape measure to measure the wall area where the coat rack will be mounted and purchase a piece of wood at the appropriate size. Divide the wood plank according to the number of books on hand. For instance, if you have a 16-inch rack and 4 hooks, make four markings with the black marker approximately 4 inches apart to indicate where the hooks will be placed.

Apply Paint or Polish

Once the markings have been made clear, lightly sand the wood plank using the sandpaper. Clean the wood with the soft cloth and apply a layer of paint or polish using the paintbrush. The decision to use paint or polish will depend upon the interior of the room where the rack is to be hung. Also, it would be advisable to wear rubber gloves when applying polish to the wood surface. Wait until the plank has completely dried off before moving onto the next step.

Pre-drill Holes for Hooks

The next step is to pre-drill holes for the hooks where the markings were made. Put on safety goggles before drilling the holes to avoid splinters from going into your eyes.

Screw-in Hooks

Now that the holes have been pre-drilled, screw the hooks into the holes with the screwdriver. Make sure that the hooks have been screwed in tightly so that the weight of heavy clothing can be supported on them. Your coat rack is now ready for use and the only thing remaining to do is to mount it on the wall.