How to Build a Wall Trellis on a Budget How to Build a Wall Trellis on a Budget

What You'll Need
Garden wire
Old branches
Measuring tape
A wall trellis is a piece that you hang on your outer wall which allows vines to grow. Few things can add an artistic appeal to your home like a wall trellis, but unfortunately these can be expensive when purchased from a store. In this article we're going to cover how to build your own wall trellis from the various odds and ends you can find in your own home or back yard. This is going to allow you to stick to a tight budget.

Step 1 - Pick your Materials

Choose the materials that you're going to use for your trellis. Old tree branches are recommended as they are free and extremely simple to use for this project. Saplings will bend more easily into your design. Try finding the material for your trellis in either your home or your back yard. Using materials from your home and yard isn't just a good way to find free material but it's a good way to clean your home and yard of clutter without wasting any materials.

Step 2 - Measure the Wall

Measure the space on the wall where you want your trellis to hang. This is going to allow you to create a basic plan of where you want it before you start building it. Take a look at the vines that you want to grow on your trellis to determine your height and width.

Step 3 - Start Building

Take your trellis materials and attach them together by using small nails and garden wire, make sure they are snug and secure before moving on. Wet your branches before you start if you are going to work with tight fitting spots on your trellis.

Step 4 - Weave the Pattern

Once you've chosen the pattern that you want to use it's time to start weaving the rest of the trellis. Usually a crisscross pattern it the most popular and easiest to weave as it does not require any artistic detailing.

Step 5 - Nail it

Once you've weaved together the rest of your trellis in the pattern that you want it's time to nail it together. Use small nails for this as you don't want them sticking through to the other side of the trellis.

Step 6 - Hang it

If you did your measurements and made the plan for this than this will be the simplest part of the entire project. Put 3 or 4 nails in the wall that you're going to hang your trellis on and make sure that the nails don't go all the way in. Make sure that these nails are an even space away from each other and on the same basic line. After you've put these nails in the wall you can easily hang the trellis on your nails.

Step 7 - Position your Vines

If you already have vines weave them in between the trellis. Once that's done the vines will continue to grow in that pattern.

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