How to Build a Window Seat Over a Radiator How to Build a Window Seat Over a Radiator

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Wood Screws

You can free up some space in small room by building a window seat over one of your radiators. Building your very own window seat isn't as difficult as you might first think. With the right tools, materials and a bit of patience you can construct a professional looking window seat in under a day.

Step 1 - Measuring Up

The very first thing that you need to do is measure the size of window seat required. To do this measure between the two walls, and also measure the depth to the radiator. Make sure that all of the measurements are accurate as this will make it much easier to get the seat to fit once it's made.

Step 2 - Making the Frame

Then, you will need to construct the basic frame which will become your window seat. To do this use either 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" pieces of wood. Cut two pieces to the width of the required seat, and two pieces to the depth. Make sure that when the frame is assembled that it fits perfectly into the space. Glue and screw the frame together and make sure that it's strong enough to hold your weight.

Step 3 - Making the Seat

Now you need to put a piece of wood over the top of the frame to make a solid seat. Make sure that the piece of wood is cut to the same size so that there isn't anything overhanging. Remember wear a face mask whenever cutting wood to avoid injury.

To make the seat look even better you might want to put molding around the join. Choosing molding is easy if you already have some in your room. You could choose molding which matches your skirting boards, or any other molding which is in your room. Glue and screw the top of the seat onto the frame and then fix the molding around the outside.

Step 4 - Making Brackets

In order to make it possible to leave the bottom open on your window seat, you will need to make some heavy duty brackets. These brackets resemble those used to put up shelves. You can either make this yourself, or you can purchase them. Make sure that they are big enough to support the shelf and strong enough to carry your whole weight.

Step 5 - Installing the Window Seat

When the basic seat has been assembled you are then ready to start fitting it. Simply mount the brackets against the wall and tighten them up. Now you can sit the seat onto the brackets and screw them in place. Installing the window seat is actually pretty easy but make sure that it's strong enough before trusting it to take your entire weight.

Now you can add paint and cushions to tie the window seat into your room decor. A window seat is the perfect addition to any room, no matter how big or small it is.

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