How to Build a Window Seat Storage Box

What You'll Need
MDF or Plywood
2x4 Wood Strips
Nails or Screws
Hammer or Screwdriver
Wood Glue
Tape Measure

Window Seat Storage can be included in any room to provide some much needed storage and seating space. Learning how to make your own window seat storage box is actually much easier than you might imagine.

If you have the right tools and materials available, you should be able to make a useful window seat storage box which will serve you happily for many years to come.

Step 1: Planning the Window Seat Storage Box

First, you need to measure the size of space you have available for the window seat. Make sure you do this accurately to ensure that you have enough space for everything. Also concentrate on the depth of the window seat, it needs to be deep enough to store anything inside, and it should also have enough space to sit on.

It's a good idea to design the window seat on a piece of paper so that you can measure up exactly what you need to cut.

Step 2: Cutting the Storage Box

Next you need to concentrate on making the frame for the storage box. This needs to be enclosed at the bottom so that there is plenty of space to store anything inside. The frame should be made out of 2x4 batons and should be designed to sit against the wall.

Step 3: Covering the Frame

The frame needs to be covered using plywood or MDF. If your window seat is big, you might need to use extra batons to provide extra rigidity. The plywood can be fixed on by using either nails or screws, small nails will probably be the easiest option. Make sure that the frame is fully covered and everything is fixed on properly.

Step 4: Making the Lid

Now you need to cut a piece of MDF or plywood which will fit over the top of the seat and form the lid. Cut a finger hole in the middle of this piece of plywood so that you can easily lift it off. Accessing the storage space will be as simple as removing the lid and putting anything you want inside.

Step 5: Painting

Choose a paint color which complements the rest of your room. Carefully paint the whole of the window seat storage box so that it is thoroughly covered. You might need to do a number of coats of paint before you are happy with the finish.

Step 5: Making Cushions

All that's left to do is make some cushions for your window seat storage box. You could also buy these if you don't feel up to making any yourself.

To make your own cushions cut out the pattern from fabric and then stitch the pieces together so that they form a pocket which is inside out, only stitch along three of the edges. You then need to turn the pocket the right way and fill it with stuffing or foam. Alternatively you could stitch a zip into the cushion covers so that they can be removed if required.