How to Build a Wine Barrel Bar Stool

What You'll Need
Old Wine Barrel
Wood chips

You can use traditional woodworking skills to make unique, functional furniture out of any wine barrel. Recycled furniture has also become more fashionable due to renewed interest in recycling and reclaiming unwanted goods. Follow the steps below to complete this project in a weekend. Keep in mind that you may have to dry out the barrel for a few days before you begin.

Step 1 - Clean Out the Old Barrel

if your wine barrel contains any residual liquid, put in enough wood chips to soak up the wine. Let it sit in the sun for a few hours. If the barrel has solid residue, then scrape it out onto the compost heap or recycling bin. In both cases you should then fill up the barrel with water, and leave in a sunny location for a few days. This will get rid of any lingering residue.

Step 2 - Saw the Barrel

You will then need to cut up your barrel to provide the basic constituents of your bar stool. You should start with the seat, which can probably be made from one of the end pieces. Remove this, and lay to one side. You should then cut two or three pieces of barrel straight down, leaving you with legs that are slightly curved. You will need two pieces of wood for each leg. You will be making a three-legged stool, so cut six rounds of leg, each around 2½ inches across. If you have enough wood left in the main body, then you can cut three strips to form foot rests, or you can saw up the remaining end.

Step 3 - Put the Barrel Together

Put your bar stool seat upside down on the ground, and nail or screw in three brackets in a Y shape. Take two pieces of the stool leg, and nail them together at the top and bottom. Match them as closely as you can, and repeat for the other two legs. Then nail or screw the top of your leg pieces into the brackets, and stand the bar stool upright. You may find that the legs are slightly uneven, in which case saw off a length from the longest legs until they are even.

Step 4 - Add the Foot Rest

You should then be able to add your spare pieces of wood as foot rests around the bottom of the legs. Around an inch and a half from the bottom of the leg should be the ideal place to position your rests. Cut the pieces of wood to fit between the legs, and screw into position. You should then sand and varnish the result, as with any woodworking project.