How to Build a Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

What You'll Need
Old Wine Barrel
Wood chips
Wheels for a mini-car

A Lazy Susan is a rotating serving piece ideal for big meals with lots of people. You can make your own version of this traditional item out of an old wine barrel. Making furniture out of old barrels is a traditional craft, but has come back into favor due to interest in recycling and reclaiming items from the trash. These pieces not only look good and provide an interesting talking point, but they make great gifts for any wine and food buffs in your family. This is a fairly simple project that can be done in a matter of hours, so follow a few simple rules to help you make this interesting and cost-effective piece.

Step 1 - Clean Out the Barrel

The first thing that needs to be done is to remove any remaining wine residue from the bottom of the barrel. If this residue is mainly liquid, then you can put in some wood chips. Leave them for a few hours to soak up the wine, and then tip them away into a compost heap or recycling bin. If the reside is mainly solids, wash them out with water. When the barrel is empty, fill it with water, and leave in a sunny area for about a week. After this amount of time, check that the wine barrel is clear, and then proceed.

Step 2 - Cut Up the Barrel

You will be looking to save the top and bottom pieces of your barrel for the lazy susan (you can always use the other pieces on another project later). Remove these by either poking each up into the main body of the barrel, and then sliding out, or by sawing around the edge of the cask until you have a perfect circle. You should then sand the tops and bottoms until the wood is perfectly even.

Step 3 - Add Wheels

Decide where you want the wheels to go on the top part of your lazy susan. Most common is around the edges, just inside the rim so they can rotate on a groove carved in the bottom piece. Take a few short screws, and screw in a pair of brackets at right-angles to each other. Screw your first wheel into the top right of the first bracket. Screw the second wheel into the bottom left of the other bracket.

You can then screw in two other wheels on the remaining corners. Mark where the wheels will go on your bottom part, and cut a groove into the barrel, not deeper than a few millimeters. Run your lazy susan around in the groove to test it out.

Step 4 - Finishing

You have now finished the main body of the lazy susan. You can add a hinge joint to the middle of the lazy susan if you are worried about the two pieces falling apart. Otherwise, all that needs to be done is for the parts to be varnished, and left to dry.