How to Build a Wine Storage Rack for Your Kitchen

What You'll Need
3/4 inches thick 6 X 39 inches wood board with a smooth surface
Primer and paint
Mounting screws (choose the right type for your wall)
Drill with spade drill bit

A wine storage rack is a great way for wine enthusiasts to store their bottles. Whether you want to let your wine age or just want an attractive storage place in your kitchen, you can build your own rack for storing wine bottles. There are many ways to go about building one; this guide will focus on helping you build a wall-mounted one for your kitchen. It uses few materials and can hold a decent number of bottles.

Step 1: Making the Cut

You will start your wine storage rack by making a waveform cut vertically that will split the board exactly in two. This means you will have to cut in a sine curve using your saw. A table saw will make this easier as you will maneuver the board instead of the tool. You will now have 2 pieces of board with a waveform pattern on the cut side. Use sandpaper to smooth the cuts down before proceeding to the next step. If you are not confident you can cut in a waveform pattern, mark it down on the wood first using a pencil and just follow the line.

Step 2: Drilling the Holes

The holes will be positioned at the top of each wave on both of the boards. These are the holes that will hold the wine bottles in place. Their support will come from the holes which hold the neck of the bottles. The necks of most wine bottles are 1 1/10 inches so the holes will be somewhere around 1 1/2 inches to account for any discrepancies. Cut the holes at the center of each waveform using your electric drill equipped with a spade drill bit. Use a 1 1/2 inches drill bit or a slightly smaller one, but keep in mind the minimum is 1 1/10 inches. Use sandpaper to smooth off the cuts on the wine storage rack.

Step 3: Sanding and Drilling

In order to give the wine storage rack a better look you should sand off all the edges and corners so they are round. Use an oscillating spindle sander or just a simple hand sander to obtain a smooth shape. If you didn’t use a smooth surface board you can also use the sander to smooth out all the surfaces. Next, you will drill mounting holes using the electric drill. These holes will need to be made in each of the valleys of the waveform as center as possible. Check to see if your mounting screws fit in the freshly cut holes.

Step 4: Paint and Mounting

Once you have sanded all the corners and surfaces of the wine storage rack you are ready to apply primer. If you’re dealing with particularly rough wood you can use wood putty to smooth out the surface. Apply the primer and paint of your choosing, making sure you cover the inside of the holes as well. Alternatively, you can use wood oil to preserve the wood grain look and not cover it in paint. Once the paint or oil is completely dry, mount the 2 boards vertically on the wall using the mounting screws. You can offset their position from each other by a slot to give it a more stylish look. The bottles will hang on the right and left side of the wine storage rack.