How to Build a Wood Barbecue How to Build a Wood Barbecue

What You'll Need
Metal Trash Can
Wood Chips
Metal Rods
Temperature Gauge
Hot Plate
Metal Grate
Extension Cord

A wood barbecue is a great way to get a smoky flavor in the foods that you cook outside during the warm summer months. Being able to set your meat out onto a wood barbecue that will automatically smoke it for you also is great for big family parties or romantic evenings. Traditionally, buying a wood barbecue, or a wood smoker, is an expensive ordeal as they items can cost hundreds of dollars. However, with some easy to find items, building your own wood barbecue is a very easy project. 

Step 1: Set up Garbage Can

Your wood barbecue is going to need to have something to house it in. You need to be able to keep the smoke inside an enclosure for it to fully saturate the meat. A large metal trash can is perfect for this. Make sure it is clean before you use it. Use your drill and drill a hole in the side of the trash can that is going to be large enough for the cord to be run through. The hole should be near the bottom of the garbage can.

Step 2: Drill Holes in Cover

The cover of the trash can will also have to be present in order to make your wood barbecue. Take the cover of the trash can and drill three holes into it. Drill one 1/4 inch hole into the center of the cover and two 1/2 inch holes on each side of the center hole along the outward perimeter of the cover. 

Step 3: Drill Holes in Side for Grate

You will need to drill in four holes that are directly across from each other to place metal rods through for holding the metal grate. These holes should be about six inches above where the wood chips will be placed. Slide metal rods into the holes and secure with nuts on each end. 

Step 4: Place in Hot Plate

Stand the garbage can straight up. Make sure that there is no dirt or debris laying in the bottom of the trash can. Place the hot plate on the bottom. Run the cord out through the hole on the side of the trash can. Make sure that the hot plate is in the center of the trash can.

Step 5: Place Chip Box over Hot Plate

In order to get that wood barbecue flavor from your new smoker/grill, you need to place a wood chip box on top of the hot plate. This should be made out of metal because of the heat that can be made through the hot plate. Center the chip box over the hot plate. One that will fit the diameter of the trash can would work better, as it would not move around. 

Step 6: Set Grate on Rods

To finish off your wood barbecue, set the metal grate on top of the metal rods. 

Step 7: Use Your Wood Barbecue

To use the wood barbecue, all you need to do is soak four handfuls of wood chips (different wood chips will present a different smoky flavor) and place them into the metal chip box. Connect the heat plate to an extension and place your food on the metal grate. 

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