How to Build a Wood Bench Swing How to Build a Wood Bench Swing

What You'll Need
2 24 inch by 8 inch wood planks
3 14 inch by 2 inch wood strips
Wood stain
Sandpaper (medium grade)
Chain, equal length
4 Carabiner hooks
Screw decks
Wood sealer
Wood trims

Every child wishes to have a wood bench swing in their backyard. You can build one with these simple steps.

Step 1. Sanding the wood

Before you can assemble the wood bench swings, it is best that you sand and stain the wood that you will be using. It is easier to sand and stain the wood before it is assembled. Use the medium-grade sandpaper to sand all the wood planks and wood strips. Make sure that you sand along the grain of the wood.

Step 2. Staining the Wood

After you have sanded the wood, clean all the wood dust using the rag. Make sure that all the dust particles are removed, otherwise it will create bubbles in your stain. To stain the wood, use a clean rag since it absorbs the stain easily. Just like with sanding, apply the wood stain along the wood grain. Let the wood planks and strips dry for 3 to 4 hours before you apply the wood sealer.

Step 3. Assembling the Wood

Once the wood planks and wood strips are dried, you can now assemble the wood. To do this, lay out the 2 24-inch by 8-inch wood planks face down on your work space. Make sure that the planks are side by side and the edges are flush.

From the ends of the planks, place 2 of the 14-inch by 2-inch wood strips. These wood strips should also be perpendicular to the planks. The last 14-inch by 2-inch wood strip should be place on the center and perpendicular to the planks.

Step 5. Securing the Bench Swing

After you have laid out the wood planks and wood strips, attach the wood trims onto the wood planks. Drill a hole onto the wood planks and then insert the screw decks.

Step 6. Drilling Holes for the Chain

When you have screwed the trims, you can now drill the holes for the chains. To do this, flip the bench swing. Drill along the sides of the wood planks about an inch wide. Drill two holes on each side of the bench. Also drill a hole in the center of the wood plank, at the end of the board and between the wood trims.

Step 7. Putting the Chains

After you have drilled the holes for the chain, thread one chain down the hole on one side of your swing bench and up to the other hole on the same side. Repeat this process until the end of the chain meets the hanging chain. Once you are done, hook the chains together using the Carabiner hook. Do this step on the other side, making sure that the chains end up with the same length and the chain is hooked evenly.

Step 8. Attaching the Bench Swing

You can now attach the bench swing to a tree. With the opposite end of your chain, hang it on top of a sturdy tree and use the Carabiner hook to secure the chains in place.

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