How to Build a Wood Deck Awning

Great landscapes, gardens and deck awnings are a few of the most resorted ways to ensure that your outdoor is up to the mark. Thanks to such amazing architectural features, you can enjoy basking in the garden during the summers. When you are on a look out to buy a new house, remember to go for  one with a wood deck awning. These come handy to create a patch of shade for you to relax in. If your house does not have a wood deck awning, then you can simply walk to the nearest store and get hold of one. Otherwise, with the help of the following steps, you can make a wood deck awning for your house. 

Tools Required to Make a Wood Deck Awning

  • Varnish for the wood
  • Sand Paper
  • Canvas to cover the structure
  • Wooden Rod of moderate thickness
  • Paint
  • Nails
  • Hook
  • Thread and Needle
  • Lace
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rubber Sheet 

Step One: Building the Cover

The first step involved to build a deck awning is to make the cover for it. You can either use a tarp or a canvas. If you want durability and variation then you should ideally go for a canvas. In order to ensure that the canvas is thick and can survive outdoor conditions, you can simply cover it with a transparent rubber sheet. These rubber sheets not only protect the canvas  but also ensures that  it does not get dirty. 

Step Two: Cutting the Canvas

Once the material is decided, cut the canvas by folding it over three edges. You can use a machine to sew the folds. Remember, that the wooden rod will be made to pass through these folds, so ensure that there is adequate space. Once the folds are in place, attach ropes to the sides of the canvas. These ropes will be used to hang the canvas. 

Step Three: Using the Sand Paper and Applying Varnish

Smooth out the wood by using a sand paper and varnish the same for protection. 

Step Four: Attaching Hooks

Attach two hooks on the highest point of your deck  where you want your awning to stand. It would be wise to first measure it and then make the points. Firm these hooks on the wooden part of the deck for support.

Step Five: Attaching Rails

If you want your deck awning to be firm, then for added support, attach rails on the far sides of your deck. 

Step Six: Attaching the Wooden Rods

Slide the wooden rods through the slots made in the canvas. Once, these rods are in place, stretch the canvas to see, if it has been structured properly. 

Step Seven: Tying the Rope

Roll back the awning and hold them in place by tying them with the rope attached to the ends. Then tie the other end of the rope to the hooks. 

Expert Tip:

To make your wood deck awning decorative, you can attach lace or frills to the end of the canvas. You can also use colours to make the canvas look bright and attractive.