How to Build a Wood Patio Bench How to Build a Wood Patio Bench

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Circular saw
4 2-inch corner brackets
3/4 -inch galvanized wood screws
Wood glue
4 wood clamps
Sand paper

Patio furniture is often expensive so instead of buying a wood patio bench, consider making your own. There is a good chance you already have many of the tools and materials required for this project at home. If you don't, the local home supply store will have what you need. 

1. Make Plans and Select a Wood

A plan is important when it comes to figuring out how much wood to buy. Before you begin, write down on paper what you want your bench to look like. In the next you will find a list of pieces to build a small solid wood patio bench that is about 21 inches high with a seat measuring 30 inches by 15 inches. You can make the plans using those dimensions or you can adjust them based on your needs.

Next, select a wood. Since you are making an outdoor piece of furniture, redwood or cedar are the best choices. They both weather well and will stand up to frequent use. When purchasing the wood, make sure it is all of the same thickness. For the wood patio bench project discussed here, ½-inch thick wood is used.

2. Measuring and Cutting Legs Need to be Bigger

You need a total of 10 pieces cut in the following sizes:

  • 30 inches by 15 inches (1)
  • 29½ inches by 14 inches (1)
  • 12½ inches by 1½ inches (2)
  • 27½ inches by 1½ inches (2)
  • 20 inches by 3 inches (4)

Mark the wood and use a circular saw to cut your pieces. Remember to always wear protective goggles while operating power tools.

3. Make the Base

Begin the assembly of your wood patio bench by laying out the piece measuring 29½ inches by 14 inches on a flat work surface. Take the 2 27½-inch by 1½-inch pieces and stand them up on the long side of the larger piece. Place the 2 smaller pieces (12½ inches by 1½ inches) on the short side. Double check and confirm that everything is lined up evenly and glue the pieces with wood glue. Use a drill to screw a 2-inch corner bracket into each outside corner for extra stability. Let the glue dry before continuing.

4. Attach the Seat

Put the base made in the previous aside for a moment. Look at both sides of the seat (the 30-inch by 15-inch piece) and decide which one looks better to you. Place that side face down on the work surface. Next, position the base on the seat and glue them both together. Drill in a few wood screws.

5. Add Legs

One by one, spread wood glue on the pieces measuring 20 inches by 4 inches and set them in the corners. Use wood clamps to hold the legs in place and then drill in wood screws to further secure them. Once again, let the glue dry completely before you turn over the now fully assembled wood patio bench. Sand away any rough edges.

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