How to Build a Wooden Bread Box

A wooden bread box has been an essential kitchen accessory for centuries. Even now, you can find it in many kitchens. They are used to keep your bread fresh for days. Even though they are available in home ware stores, you can make one easily and at a fraction of the cost.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • 1 inch by 4 feet lumber
  • Miter saw
  • Small door knob
  • Wood glue
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Straight edge
  • Sandpaper

Step 1 – Planning the Design

Plan the design of your wooden bread box. You will need 6 pieces of 1 by 4 lumber, one for the base of the box, 4 wood pieces for the 4 sides and one for the sliding lid, which comes on top of the bread box. Also, you can use any species of wood.

Step 2 – Deciding the Size of the Bread Box

Your bread box should be long enough to place 1 loaf inside it. If you want to keep more than one loaf of bread, you need to make a bigger one. Apart from bread, you can also keep muffins, cakes and cookies in it. So, when deciding the size of the wooden bread box, you should think how you will be using it.

Step 3 – Mark the Measurements on the Lumber

Once you have decided the size of your wooden bread box, you can mark the measurements on the lumber using a straight edge and pencil. In total, you will need 2 long rectangular pieces for the 2 sides, 2 shorter rectangular pieces for the other 2 sides, 1 rectangular piece for the base and 1 small rectangular piece for the lid.

Step 4 – Cutting the Lumber

Set the cutting angle of the blade at 900 and cut all the pieces of wood to size. Now, take one of the shorter pieces and place it on the work bench. Measure 1 inch from the top of the wood piece and mark it. Cut it off. The sliding lid will slide on top of this wood piece.

Step 5 – Cut Grooves on the Side Panels

Take the other 3 side panels and make a mark to cut 1 inch deep groove from it. Use the miter saw to make the dado cut.

Step 6 – Prepare the Cut Lumber to Assemble

Give all the pieces of lumber a thorough rub with sandpaper. This will remove all imperfections on the wood. Refrain from staining or painting the wood, as it is built to store food.

Step 7 – Attach the Base Panel

Take the 2 shorter side panels and place them on the workbench. From the lower part, measure and mark 1 inch. The base panel is placed at this position. Pre-drill 2 holes on the marks you made on both of the side panels. Apply wood glue to the edge of the base panel, place it in its position and secure with wood screws.

Step 8 – Attach the Other Sides

In the same way, attach the longer side panels to the base panel with glue and screws. Also, make sure the grooves are at the top of the wooden bread box.

Step 9 – Place the Lid

Pre-drill a hole at the outer end of the lid and attach the door knob. Slide the lid into the groove. Your wooden bread box is now ready to use.