How to Build a Wooden Children's Playhouse

What You'll Need
Plywood sheets
Wood screws
Power screwdriver
Measuring tape
Railing spindles
Drill bits

A children's playhouse is a great gift to give your kids because it entices them to be imaginative and creative, but buying a children's playhouse can be a fairly expensive gift. However, wood is fairly inexpensive. If you have some basic woodworking skills, it is possible to make a children's playhouse yourself. It sounds much harder than it is, but since it is not an actual house, the construction is very basic. There is no electricity or insulation to worry about, making it a relatively easy project. The article that follows will show you how to build a simple children's playhouse.

Step 1 – Mark the Space

Determine where you want the children's playhouse to be located. At this point, you just want to determine the overall floor size. For this project, you will be building a small porch, so take that into account when marking the space. The floor will be more rectangular than square to make up for the difference. Once you have decided the size, stake out the corners, then tie the string around them. This will be the perimeter of the children's playhouse.

Step 2 – Build the Floor

Place the plywood flat on the ground inside the strings. If the plywood stretches beyond the string, draw a line along the excess. Use your saw and trim the pieces away. If more than one piece of plywood is used, then attach them together with a series of brackets and wood screws. Place 2x4 boards on edge around the perimeter and toenail in place until the entire perimeter is finished. Measure out a space of two feet and place another 2x4 on edge running vertically, and nail it in place. Put in other 2x4 in this manner until there is equal space at both ends. You will need to cut more 2x4 into small pieces and nail them in place horizontally between the vertical rows so that they are staggered and two feet apart. Nail more plywood on top of the base to complete the floor. Draw a line where the porch begins.

Step 3 – Build the Walls

Nail 2x4 to the floor along the perimeter on the wide side. Place a 2x4 along the perimeter standing on one end, and nail it in place. Do not cover the front where the door will be placed. Repeat the same procedure to build the walls as you did the floor, adding plywood on the inside and outside.

Step 4 – Ceiling

Use 2x4s that are long enough to cut in half. Trim the edges at an angle. Nail a 2x4 at the top of the constructed wall through the center of the children's playhouse going the long way. Nail the cut 2x4 to the wall and to the center support on both sides using brackets. Cut and nail plywood to the roof on the inside and out.

Step 5 – Railing

Drill small holes around the perimeter of the porch area and screw in the spindles. Nail the railing to the spindles.