How to Build a Wooden Compost Bin (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of this series, you gathered the materials for your wooden compost bin and prepared the wood. In Part 2, you will mill the wood, build the frame and add rails, sides and the top. Follow the simple steps below to complete this project in a day or weekend.

Step 3 - Mill the Wood

If you are using reclaimed wood for this project, you may need to mill it. If you bought the wood specifically to the sizes that you needed, you can skip this step. If you need to mill the wood, use a table saw to cut the wood into the sizes that you need. For example, you might want to cut several 2x4-inch boards so that you can easily work with them and they will be sturdy enough to hold the bin together.

Step 4 - Building the Frame

Start by building the base of the bin in a rectangular shape. The frame should be made out of thick wooden posts. Use bolts to attach them together so that they will be able to stand up to the wear and tear that is to come. Drill some holes through the posts with the proper sized bit so that the bolts can fit through. Then screw the bolts into place.

The base should have 4 sides and a support beam going through the middle of the structure. Attach 4 corner posts and a post in the middle of each side, going upward. Attach all of these support beams with bolts as well.

Step 5 - Top Rails

Next, attach the top rails to the structure. You can nail the rails on to the top edges of the corner support beams. You should also nail these to the edge of the middle support beams. 

Step 6 - Add the Sides

After you have built the basic frame of the structure, you can start to add the sides. For this part of the process, you need to use flat pieces of wood. You can nail them into the posts that you have used for the basic frame of the structure. 

Step 7 - Add the Top

You will then need to add a top piece to the compost bin. This should be attached with hinges so that it can open and close. You need to use smaller pieces of wood to create a rectangular frame. Then you can nail flat pieces of wood to it to create the bulk of the top. Then screw it to the hinges, and your top should be able to open and close.