How to Build a Wooden Firewood Box

What You'll Need
1-piece finished plywood - 3/4 x 24 x 96 inches
2-pieces hardwood 1 feet x 1 inches x 96 inches
1 inches wood screws - 1/8 pound
1 1/4 -inch wood screws - 1/8 pound
1 1/4 -inch Kreg screws - 1/8 pound and Kreg pocket-hole system
Wood filler
Wood glue
Natural bristle paint brush
Table saw
3/4 inches Dado blade
Tape Measure
Belt sander and sandpaper (120- and 320-grit)
Hand drill and 9/64 inches bit with plug cutter
Screwdriver (screw gun, or use screw attachment on drill)
2-bar clamp
2-gripping clamps

A firewood box for inside the home is perfect for storing kindling and cut firewood by the hearth. While this is for specific measurements, you can alter the box to be larger or smaller, depending on its intended purpose. If you wish, a hinged lid and wheels can be added to make the firewood box more utilitarian.


Step 1 - Cut Plywood

With the table saw, cut plywood into 5 pieces along the 96 inches side as follows: 2 pieces at 24 inches (front and back); 2 pieces at 15 inches (sides); and 1 piece at 16 inches (bottom). Each piece will be 24 inches long. With the dado blade, cut a ½-inch groove on the inside bottom of the side, front and back pieces for the firewood box.

Step 2 - Cut Exterior and Interior Corner Pieces

With the table saw, cut the hardwood into four 24-inch pieces for exterior corner supports. Cut a 3/4 x ¼-inch groove in the bottom of each post with dado blade. With the table saw, cut two pieces 23 ¼ inches long from 1 x 1-inch hardwood. Cut the pieces in half down the length and across the diagonal (4-triangle shaped pieces).

Step 3 - Cut Top Finish Pieces

From 1 x 1-inch stock, cut 4 frame pieces for the top of box (45-degree mitered ends): 2-pieces 3/4 x 1/2 x 25 ½ inches; 2 pieces 3/4 x 1/2 x 16-1/2 inches long.

Step 4 - Cut Box Runners and Spacers

From the 1 x 1-inch stock, cut: three pieces 3/4 x ½ x 25 inches long (bottom runners); and two pieces 3/4 x 1/2 x 18 inches long (inside spacers).

Step 5 - Assemble Box

Drill Kreg ‘pocket holes’ down the interior edges of each firewood box piece (sides and front and back). Attach each of the 2 sides to 2 exterior posts with Kreg screws and glue. (Dado cuts at the bottom of each piece). Clamp the pieces together while attaching. Attach the front and back pieces to the side/post assemblies with the Kreg screws and glue. With the firewood box upside-down, check box for square. Measure this opening, and cut bottom panel to size, attach to frame with glue and screws. Attach runners cut in Step 4 to the bottom panel with 1½-inch wood screws and glue. With box right side up, attach interior corner supports cut in Step 3 and the spacers cut in Step 4 and the top frame from Step 3 with 1½-inch wood screws and glue.

Step 6 - Finish Box

Using wood filler, fill all exposed screw holes and any cracks. Use 120-grit sandpaper, sand smooth. Clean surface and apply polyurethane over entire box. Sand the firewood box between coats of polyurethane with 320-grit sandpaper for a good finish.