How to Build a Wooden Frame for a Glass Patio Table Top

What You'll Need
Tempered glass with rounded corners and ground edges, 36 by 36 inches
8 thick rubber pieces 1/4 inch, 4 by 4 inches
Pencil and ruler
4 pieces hardwood, 24 by 4 by 4 inches
4 pieces hardwood, 24 by 4 by 1 inch
4 pieces hardwood, 22 by 4 by 1 inch
Glass paper
64 chrome-capped brass screws, 3 inches
Wood glue

If you want a glass patio tabletop and short on cash, why not make the table yourself? Patio furniture is designed specifically for outdoors. When selecting the material to use for patio furniture, we are basically looking for materials that will not swell/expand when exposed to water and will not crack when exposed to moderately high temperatures.

Step 1 - Choosing the Timber

If you are looking for lightweight long-lasting furniture, using oak for the base would be your best option. Check for the exact sizes as mentioned above in the list and ensure the corners of the timber are square. Use fine glass paper to rub on the surface of each wood piece until it is smooth.

Step 2 - Marking where to Put the Screw Holes

    Using a pencil, you need to mark the 24 inch timber pieces. At the top of each side of the piece, make a line using a ruler 1 inch from the top. Move 4 inches downwards to mark another line. This will form a 4 by 4 inch square. You need to draw diagonals in each square. Mark each diagonal 1.5 inches from their respective corners.

    Next, you need to work on the 22 inch timber. This time, at the top of each side of every piece, draw a line 4 inches from the top. Here another square is created at each side. Again draw diagonals. Mark each diagonal 2 inches from their respective corners.

    Step 3 - Drilling

    Once you are done with each side of every wood piece, you will have a total of 64 marked places to drill a hole in. Drill holes the size of your screws i.e. 3 inches.

    Step 4 - Building the Cube Base

    Hold one 22 inch and one 24 by 4 by 4 inch piece upside down so that the holes are at the bottom. Join the 2 ends (drilled ends) together so that they for a right angle. Drill the pilot hole. These should not exceed the radius of your screw shank.

    Step 5 - Applying Wood Glue

    You need to apply wood glue on the four inch section of both the 22 inch as well as 4 by 4 inch piece. Carefully place the wood pieces in position and drive in the screws tightly.

    Step 6 - Joining the Other Ends

    Finish off the other ends in a similar fashion. Now you should have two 22 by 24 inch frames. Use the same procedure to connect the frames, however, now the glue needs to be applied only to the last 5 inch tips of the 24 inch planks.

    Step 7 - Adding the Caps

    Cover the head of each screw with a chrome cap. Glue a rubber into the end of each of the 4 by 4 inch piece, and let them dry. The wooden frame is now complete; a glass top may be placed on top of the cube to complete the table.