How to Build a Wooden Kitchen Work Table Top How to Build a Wooden Kitchen Work Table Top

What You'll Need
2x2 lumber stilts
Wood for table top
8 L-shaped brackets
8 1-inch long wood screws
1/4 inch wood screws
Acrylic paint

Having an additional work table in your kitchen would make cooking and preparing food if you lack extra counter space. Nowadays, buying extra kitchen tables are expensive and it's unreasonable if you are just going to use it as a kitchen work table. Here is an easy and simple work table you can create.

Step 1 – Get the Height

Determine the height you want your work table would be. Make it ergonomic for your height when you are standing up. This will be easy to for you to move things to and from your fixed counter to your work table.  Saw the 2x4 lumber stilts according to your measurement.

Step 2 – Get the Size

Determine how big you want your tabletop to be. A recommended size would be 2 feet by 4 feet and at least ¾ of an inch thick.

Step 3 – Smooth the Wood

Sand all the wood pieces until you get a smooth finish. Make sure to also sand all the sides and corners to avoid splintering during use. Get your 8 L-shaped metal brackets at least 2 inches long on each branch of the L.

Step 4 – Screw the Brackets

Screw each bracket into each table leg. Position the bracket towards the end of the leg, so that the bended part of the bracket is flush with the end of the piece of wood. Rotate the leg 90 degrees and screw in a second bracket. Do this on all the legs. Flip tabletop over on the ground.

Step 5 – Place a Table Leg

Place a table leg, bracket end down, on the tabletop's corner. Line up the edge of the leg with the edge of the tabletop. Hold the bracket down on the tabletop and screw one of the screws through the hole in the bracket. Screw the other bracket into the tabletop.

Step 6 – Check the Stability of the Table

Flip over the table again. Check if the table is stable enough feeling for wobbling. If there is any wobbling or motion created by the table the screws or brackets might be loose.

Step 7 – Paint the Table

Paint the table to the color of your choice. It is best to use acrylic paint. Sand all the surface of the table from top to bottom. Use a handheld vacuum to remove the sawdust.

Step 8 – Apply White Primer          

Paint the table first with white primer. Apply evenly and thinly on all surfaces. Let it stand until it is dry to touch. It usually take a couple of hours to dry but will always depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Check the label. Once dry, repeat the process. If the primer is too think or a little spotty, it is really recommended to repeat priming. Once dry, feel if there are any more rough patches. Use sand paper to buff out these areas.

Step 9 – Apply Acrylic Paint

Paint your table using acrylic paint or any water-based paint. Using your brush, apply the color of your choice in an even coat. Let it dry a little bit before applying the second coat to avoid formation of air bubbles on your paint coat. Apply wood varnish to seal in color.



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