How to Build a Wooden Patio Bench with a Back

What You'll Need
1/2-inch Cedar Wood (depending on the size of the bench you want)
Tape Measure
Circular Saw
Drill and Drill Bits
2-inch Corner Brackets
3/4-inch Galvanized Wood Screws
Wood Glue
4 Wood Clamps

Instead of buying expensive patio furniture that will set you back a couple of hundred of dollars, you can make your own wooden patio bench if you have the right tools and materials. A bench on your patio will make it easier for you or your visitors to relax and spend some time on it since you will all be able to sit comfortably. It can also add character to your patio, so it won’t look bare.

Step 1: Plans and Wood Selection

Before doing anything, make plans first and decide the dimensions of your wooden patio bench. You can make it as long and as wide as you wish. However, for purposes of this project let’s make a normal-sized bench which would be 21-inches high, with seat dimensions of 30x15 inches. The next step is to select the wood. Get a sturdy type of wood since the bench will be outdoors. Redwood and Cedar are the most popular choices. Purchase all of the wood, put your goggles and gloves on, and get on with the project.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

You now need to cut your wood using the circular saw. Start off by getting your tape measure and marking the dimensions on the wood. Next, turn on your circular saw and position the wood to be cut. Be careful and do not rush this process in order to avoid injury. Cut the wood for the wooden patio bench into the following dimensions and number of pieces:

  • 2-pieces 30 by 15 inches
  • 1-piece 29.5 by 14 inches
  • 2-pieces 12.5 by 1.5 inches
  • 2-pieces 27.5 by 1.5 inches
  • 4-pieces 20 by 3 inches

Step 3: Making the Base

Get the 29.5 by 14 inch wood and place it on a worktable. Then get the 2 pieces of 27.5 by 1.5 and stand them up on the longer side of the 29.5 by 14 piece. Now get the 2 pieces of 12.5 by 1.5 and stand them up along the shorter side. Make certain that everything is aligned and glue the pieces together. Get the 2-inch corner brackets and test-fit them at the corners. Mark the holes of the brackets on the wood and drill the appropriate holes. Attach the corner brackets using wood screws so the structure of your wooden patio bench is fully secured.

Step 4: Attaching the Seat

Get the 30 by 15 inch wood and decide which side looks more aesthetically pleasing. Once you’ve decided, put that side face down on the worktable. This will be the seat of your bench. Get the base you constructed earlier and glue it to the seat. Make sure that you glue the flat part of the base to the seat. Drill in a few wood screws to further secure the two pieces of the wooden patio bench together.

Step 5: Attach the Legs

Get the 4 pieces of 20 by 3-inch wood and spread some glue on the ends of each. Place them into the corners of the base. Secure the connections further by driving in wood screws from the sides.

Step 6: Attach the Back

Finally, get the last piece of 30 by 15-inch wood that you have and attach it to the base perpendicular to the seat. It’s up to you on which side you want to place it. Drive in 5 wood screws 2 inches apart in order to secure it to the base. Let the bench dry for a couple of hours. Sand down any rough edges of your new wooden patio bench.