How to Build a Wooden Picnic Table How to Build a Wooden Picnic Table

What You'll Need
6 foot 2 x 4 wood
6 foot 1 x 8 wood
5/16 inch x 3 1/2 inch carriage bolts with nuts and washers
8 sets of 1 1/2 inch deck screws
8 sets of 2 1/2 inch deck screws
Measuring tape
2 1/2 inch nails

A wooden picnic table is a great addition to any backyard or garden. Aside from adding additional space and seating, it is also durable.

Step 1. Measure and Cut the A-Frame Legs

With the measuring tape, measure the 2 x 4 wood to 30 ¾ inches long, making sure that it has an angle of 22.5 degrees at each end. Cut and make 4 pieces using a saw.

Step 2. Measure and Cut the Cross Braces

Also using the 2 x 4 wood, measure and cut 2 pieces at 30 ½ inches long that also has the same angle as the A-frame legs (22.5 degrees) for your top cross braces. Cut the pieces as well.

With the same wood, measure and cut the bottom cross braces. To do this, measure 2 pieces of 54 ¼ inch long wood without any angle.

Step 3. Putting the A-Frame Legs Together

Lay the vertical legs on a flat surface, making sure that they look like the letter A, but without the top end touching. The bottom of the vertical legs should have a distance of 51 ½ inches.

Place 1 of the top brace on top of the vertical legs, making sure that they are properly aligned. Measure 13 inches from the top of the top cross brace and place the bottom cross brace. All angles should be 22.5 degrees.

Step 4. Securing the Legs

Place the clamps on each intersection where the braces and the vertical legs meet. Temporarily secure the braces onto the vertical legs using the 2 1/1 inch nails. However, do not hammer the nails on the center. Repeat this process for the other A-frame leg.

Step 5. Putting in the Screws

Drill a hole on each intersection about 1/2 inch deep and 1 inch wide. Secure the 5/16 inch x 3 ½ inch carriage bolts with nuts and washers. Do this to all the 4 intersections and to the other A-frame legs.

Step 6. Put the Bench Seats

Place 2 pieces of 2 x 4 on top of the protruding bottom cross braces with an 8 inch overhang. The length of the seats will depend on how long you want the picnic table to be. Use the 2 ½ inch deck screws to secure the bench seats onto the bottom cross braces.

Step 7. Attach the Table Boards

Use the 1 ½ inch deck screws to attach the 1 x 8 top boards to the top cross braces. Mark the center for each top cross braces and attach the first top board with an 8 inch overhang as well on each end. Use a screw to space each top board. From the center board, screw each of the top boards using the 1 ½ inch screws.

Step 8. Attach the Table and Seat Braces

Cut a 29-inch long piece of wood using the 2 x 4 with a 22.5 degree angle for the tabletop center brace. Cut 2 8-inch long pieces also using the 2 x 4 for the seat braces. Flip the table and screw the 29-inch brace on the center of the table and the 8-inch braces to the center of each bench seat using the 2 ½ inch screws.

Step 9. Cutting the Tabletop Braces

Cut 2 pieces of 31 inch long wood, using the 2 x 4 for the tabletop braces with each end having an angle of 28 degrees. The 2 short corners should have a distance of 27 ½ inches. Cut ½ inch from each tip, creating a 90 degree angle. With the 2 ½ inch screw, attach the tabletop braces to the center and bottom braces of the tabletop down to the bottom cross braces. 

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