How to Build a Wooden Window Cornice

What You'll Need
1/4 inch faced plywood
L brackets
13 or 14 for cleats
2 1/4 inch dry wall screws
Measuring Tape
Carpenters Square
Jig Saw
Dust Mask
Safety Goggles
3/4 inch Wood Screws
Drill Bits
Drilling Machine

A wooden window cornice adds beauty to any room. You can add a wooden window cornice to your home and change its look instantly. Learning how to build a wooden window cornice is not difficult. It is a great advantage if you can build it yourself instead of hiring professionals to do it. By following this step by step guide you can easily build your own beautiful window cornice.


Step 1 – Measurements

Measure the width of the window for which you want to make the cornice. Measure the exact width of the window and the length from the top of the window. You can decide how much you want to cover the top of the window. Add 2 inches to the width of the window on both sides.

Step 2 – Design it on Paper

Make a design of the pattern of the cornice on paper and put it up against the window to get an idea if the design is good or not.

Step 3 – Cut the Wood

Trace the pattern out on the wood. Use the carpenter’s square to mark the height and width of the cornice. Use the jig saw to cut the wood, use all safety precautions while using the jig saw.  Sand the edges to get a smooth finish.

Step 4 – Panels

Make sure the side panels are the same height as the face of the cornice. Mark the measurements on the ¼ inch plywood board with a carpenter’s square and cut it with the jigsaw.

Step 5 – Cleats on the Panels

Use the 1×3 or 1×4 wood and cut four 2×2 inch cleats.

Step 6 – Cleats

Take 2 of the cleats and apply glue to its face and fix it ½ inch from the top and ¼ inch from the side of the cornice. Take two ¾ inch wood screws and drive it into the cornice and the cleats to secure it properly.

Step 7 – The Other Two Cleats

Apply glue to the other two cleats and fix it on the back of each panel, ½ inch below the top edge of the panel and secure it with two ¾ inch wood screws.

Step 8 – Position the Panels and Cornice

Position the panel to the cornice properly. Make sure you lay it on an even surface before fixing it together.

Step 9 – Attaching the Cornice and the Panels

Attach the cornice and the side panels together by placing the end of the panel upright with the cornice edge. Take two ¾ screws and fix the side panel to the cleat that is on the cornice. Use a drilling machine to make the holes through the panel to the cleat on the cornice.

Step 10 – The Other Side

Follow the same method of fixing the panel to the cornice for the other side of your window cornice.

Step 11 – Sand the Edges

Sand the edges of the cornice to obtain a clean smooth finish.

Step 12 – Adding Fabric and Fixing it to the Wall

Now you can hang fabric on your cornice and fix it to the wall.