How to Build a Work Bench with Cabinets

What You'll Need
Cabinet units
Saw horse
1 3/4-inch plywood sheet, 4-foot by 8-foot
Measuring tape
5 1x2-inch 8-foot pieces of lumber
Drill bits
1 1/4-inch deck screws
6 4-inch casters
3/4-inch sheetrock screws, self-tapping
3/4-inch sheet metal screws, self-tapping panhead
Wood glue

A work bench is a much appreciated piece of furniture for hobbyists of all kinds. If you were to go out and purchase a work bench with cabinets, you would be paying a lot of money. This type of work bench can be built and completed in a weekend or less if you are skilled with wood. You will be able to save time, money and help the environment as you can use cabinets ripped out from demolished homes or remodels.The following article will show you how to build a simple work bench with cabinets.

Step 1 - Creating the Top and Bottom

Your one sheet of plywood will be able to be used as both the top of the work bench and the bottom. Lay the sheet of plywood on top of a saw horse and use the tape measure to determine the center. Always check your measurements twice. Mark the center with a pencil. Use the saw to cut the plywood sheet in half. Choose one of the pieces to be used as the bottom and place it on a work surface. Hammer and screw two pieces of the lumber along the long edges of the bottom piece of plywood. Cut one piece of lumber in half and mount one to each short side of the bottom piece to make a tray. Now, place one caster at each corner and the remaining two in the center within the tray. Make sure the casters are one inch from the tray lumber then fasten them to the plywood using the sheet metal screws.

Step 2 - Attaching the Cabinets

Place the cabinets on the floor upside down then place the base on top of the cabinets. Arrange the cabinets under the base logically. You will want one cabinet at each end and maybe one in the middle. Three standard-sized cabinets will fit nicely on this size base. Once the cabinets are in place where you want them you can fasten the base to them with the deck screws. Use at least six screws per cabinet. When you are finished you can turn the entire thing over. Use scraps of wood to stop the work bench from rolling.

Step 3 - The Work Surface

Use the remaining pieces of lumber to create a try as you did for the base of the work bench. This time the tray will be facing up instead of down as it does with the base. Place the new work surface on top of the cabinets of the base. Center it as best you can. Now, use eight or more screws and your screwdriver to attach the top to the cabinets. When you are finished you will have a nice work bench that rolls and has cabinets for storage and you can attach a power strip to the top.