How to Build Above Ground Pool Steps

What You'll Need
Base material (limestone, brick, etc.)
Sifted sand
Your new pool

It's a hot one, and time for a good cooling off. Installing a pool is simple using the above ground pool steps below.

Before you jump right into knowing how to install your above ground pool, be aware that there are many types of pools. These include oval, circular, rectangle, etc. Which one you choose is up to you. Keep in mind how big you want your pool and the number of people who will be using your pool.

Step 1 - Choose Your Location

Choose the location you wish to put your pool. Stay away from any easements, and a good rule is to stay at least 10 feet away from any power lines. You will want your pool water to stay warm and as clean as possible, so keeping the pool away from any overhead trees would be your best bet.

Step 2 - Rip It Up

You will want to remove any sod that is in the area you are planning to have your pool. This is done simply by using a shovel. You will also want to make sure the area is free of any rocks, or roots.

Step 3 - Level It Out

Make sure the ground is level. This is a very important step in assembling your pool. Find the highest point of ground, and using your rake, and, or shovel, trim it down to meet the height of the lowest ground.

Step 4 - Choose the Base

Next you will want to choose a base for your pool. This material can range from limestone, to bricks covering the entire area. This material is placed on top of the area you have just cleared out.

Applying this material will prevent the pool from sinking into the ground.

Step 5 - Up Goes the Walls

Lay your assembled bottom plate unto your covering material and begin building the walls. This is done by rolling out the walls, and attaching them to the bottom ring. You will want to hold the wall in place using the supports, and attaching them to the outside of the pool.

The next step has you placing the sand in the pool. You will want to make sure you are using sifted sand so there is no chance of anything piercing the lining of your pool.

Step 6 - Here Comes the Sand

You will now want to start dumping your sand into the shell of the pool. Make sure you rake the sand until it is even. You will want about 1" of sand to cover the bottom. This prevents the outside bottom material from cutting into your lining.

Step 7 - Secure the Liner

Add your pool liner and attach it to the top securely using the attachments that snap into place. This will hold the liner to the pool itself. 

Step 8 - Bring On the Water

Some fire stations depending on the town you live in, will deliver water to your house for your pool. You can check this out by contacting your city office. Either way the water must go in, and you must hook up the filter.

Now it's time to relax. Pretty simple, and what a nice job. Relax a little and take a swim.