How to Build Aluminum Awnings

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What You'll Need
Electric drill
Tape measure
Carpenter's level
Wall attachment brackets
Power saw
Galvanized steel screws
Aluminum sheets, plain or prepainted
Rust-protective paint for aluminum
Aluminum frame bars, L-profile, 8 feet long

Aluminum awnings are among the most durable and attractive awnings you can build. They will keep your house cool in hot summer weather, and they can withstand all kinds of weather, with minimal care. They are easy to clean with a mop and a garden hose. Follow these guidelines to build aluminum awnings for your windows.

Step 1 - Measure the Windows for Placement

Measure the width of the window and add four inches to the total width to hang it correctly on the window frame. Measure the total length you want it to cover by extending a line outward from the window at a 90 degree angle to the vertical side of the frame. The awning must reach from that point to the top of the window frame.

Step 2 - Affix Wall Brackets to the Window Frame

Fasten one wall bracket to the side of the window frame where the top of the awning will be, with galvanized steel screws that are rust-resistant. Use a carpenter's level to mark the placement of the second bracket so the two are level. Affix the second wall bracket to the frame.

Step 3 - Measure and Cut the Awning Frame

Cut two aluminum frame bars four feet long. These will attach vertically to the window frame. Fasten them to the window frame below the wall support brackets when cut. Cut two aluminum frame bars the total width of your shade. These will form the horizontal supports. Cut three frame pieces the length of your awning. You will affix two of these to the sloped edges of the awning. The third will brace the awning body down the center. The triangular side covers will be fastened to the edge frames for the awning. Cut two bars that will extend outward at 90 degrees from the window frame to support the awning at its bottom corners.

Step 4 - Measure and Cut the Aluminum Sheeting

If your aluminum sheeting is unpainted, paint all sheets before cutting. Measure and cut the main body of the awning. Attach it to the horizontal section of the L-frame on each side, so the vertical section hangs down at 90 degrees. Attach the main awning to the horizontal frames at its top and bottom and affix it to the wall support brackets. Attach the base bars to the window frame and attach them to the main body frame. Use galvanized screws to assemble the aluminum awning.

Step 5 - Cut and Attach the Triangular Side Panels

Measure carefully to get the correct size for each triangular side panel. Cut them from the aluminum sheeting and fasten them to the frame bars on the side of the awning with six screws, one at each triangular corner and one centered on each side.

Step 6 - Care of Aluminum Awnings

Care for your aluminum awnings by washing them each spring with mild detergent and rinsing them with the garden hose. Repaint as required.