How to Build an Appliance Garage

An appliance garage is a great option for your kitchen if you have several appliances crowding your counter tops. Follow the below easy step by step process to create your very own appliance garage.

Step One- Decide on a Location

Many appliance garages are located in the corner of a counter top, but they can also be constructed under a cabinet along a straight part of the counter. Be sure to include an electrical plug inside the area covered by the appliance garage so you can easily plug in any appliance as you use it. You can add an electrical box into the garage itself as well.

Step Two- Decide on a Door

Many appliance garages use a tambour otherwise known as a roll top door. You can make the tambour yourself or purchase a pre-made one. Many people prefer a tambour because it doesn't take up any counter space when the garage is open. However, tambours can be a bit tricky to build and install. A simpler, standard cupboard door also works well and looks attractive.

Step Three- Frame the Garage

If you are constructing a rectangular garage, you can build the box outside of the kitchen and then install it once its completed. For a corner unit, you should build it into the wall with furring strips as the frame and two angled sides leading to the door piece.

Step 4- Put on the Door

After you have created the frame, place the door on the angled pieces, depending on whether it's a tambour or cabinet door, using the appropriate materials to stabilize it in the frame. Test to make sure the door is functional and then organize your appliances as desired.