How to Build an Arbor Bench How to Build an Arbor Bench

What You'll Need
Teak, fir or redwood boards: Four 4x4; One 2x4, Eight 1x1 and One 2x6 in eight-foot lengths
Teak, fir or redwood boards: Four 2x4, Two 2x5 in Ten-foot lengths and One 4x8 lattice panel
3- inch and 3-1/2 inch screws
2-inch finishing nails
Sandpaper and wood sealer
Circular saw

An arbor bench is a great place where you can sit in the shade in your garden and spend a leisurely morning, afternoon or evening. You can enhance the personality of your arbor bench by planting grapes or roses. The only thing better than spending your leisure time under your arbor bench is to spend time under one you built yourself.

Step 1. Measuring

Decide how high you want your arbor, including the bench, to be and cut your 4x4 boards to that height. With the posts lying beside each other in pairs, mark them at 6-inch, 7-1/2 inch, 70-1/2 inch and 72- inch intervals from the bottom. Mark your 4x4s with lines drawn from one end to the other crosswise and cut ¼-inch marks within those lines.

Step 2. Cutting

Adding a half of an inch to the width of the lattice panel, cut your cross pieces using the 2x4s. Attach these cross pieces to the marks you cut into the wood earlier, using the 3-1/2 inch screws.

Step 3. Cutting Lattice Panels

The lattice panels should be cut to look like a frame by cutting them to 63 inches in length. One of the 1x1's should be cut to fit in between these cross pieces. The remaining 1x1 should be cut vertically to fit between the cross pieces.

Step 4. Deciding Height

When you are preparing to build the seat, decide the height you want it to be. The seat can be anywhere from 15 to 20 inches high. You can use the height of a comfortable chair for your measurement.

Step 5. Framing

When framing the seat, you need 3 cross pieces that are 2x4 and 2 that are 5 feet long. Screw them together and add hangers.

Step 6. Screwing the Frame

Make five foot lengths of the 2x4s and the 2x6s. Set them on the frame, beginning with one 2x4, then a 2x6, and continue to the end of the frame. Screw them to the frame of the seat.

Step 7. Attaching the Notches

In the first step you made some notches in the posts for the height you wanted for the seat. Find these notches and screw the seat to them.

Step 8. Building the Back

Build the rest for the back by doing the same thing you did when you built the seat by turning it up to a ten degree angle. The posts should be marked with a cut that is ¼-inch deep.

Step 9. Screwing the Back

Screw the back rest to the marks made for it, and be certain that the arbor bench back and its seat are balanced.

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