How to Build an Enclosed Outdoor Shower

What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Work gloves
Tape measure
Fence posts
Fence post caps
Pre-fabricated wood panels
2x4 boards

You’ve opted for privacy by deciding to build an enclosure for your outdoor shower. You’ve already built the shower itself: installed plumbing, fixtures, and the base, decided on ground drainage, and checked your municipal building codes. Now it’s time for the final step–adding an enclosure. Not only will an enclosure provide privacy, it will also compliment your home’s exterior design and landscape.

Step 1 - Decide on Functionality and Design

How you want to use your space and what it will look like will determine the size of the enclosure and the type of material you will purchase. Your budget will also be a factor in this decision. If you want something simple, your enclosure will consist of walls that are built closely to the shower base, but if you want to include a change area and bench, your enclosure will cover more area and require more material. Your choice of design: rustic, modern, or traditional, will determine the kind of material and decorative add-ons you purchase.

Step 2 – Measure

Place four stakes around the base of your shower, thinking about the size and functionality you have decided on. Join the stakes with string, measure and write down the lengths between stakes, write down the height you want the shower walls to be, and then decide on which side you want the door opening to be.

Step 3 – Purchase Material

You need four wooden posts, six 2x4s and four pre-fabricated wood panels. These are quick, easy, and affordable to install and come in a variety of styles to compliment any budget or design theme. The posts should be 1 to 2 feet longer than the panels. One of the panels will be a door that will open like a fence gate into the shower area. Give your measurements to a hardware store employee and ask him/her to cut the wood accordingly.

Step 4 – Build the Enclosure

Dig holes in place of the stakes, insert the posts in the holes, using a level to ensure posts are aligned, and brace the posts by nailing the ends of 2x4s from the base and across the top of one post to another (do not brace between the two posts where the door opening will be). You will need another person’s help to hold the posts while you pour in gravel and concrete.
Fasten the three wood panels to the posts with angled brackets. Brackets should be spaced at approximately every 25 inches. Fasten the fourth panel to one post with strap hinges and a gate latch to the other.

Step 5 – Add Finishing Touches

Personalize the enclosure according to your design style and budget. You may want to add beams or rafters on top for extra privacy. Decorative caps for the posts are a must. Add flowers, shrubbery, climbing vines, signs, shutters–whatever will compliment your backyard and personal style.
Finally, put away your tools and extra material and clean yourself off in the new privacy of your enclosed shower!