How to Build an Ergonomic Computer Table How to Build an Ergonomic Computer Table

Computer work can cause eye strain, back strain, and all over strain and stress. Wih an ergonomic computer table you can help relieve many of these painful problems. With just some basic organizations and adjustments you can turn your work station into a comfort zone.

Properly Position Your Computer and Keyboard

The best viewing angle for your computer is directly at eye level. We rarely use our laptops in this manner, so an ideal desk is taller than average for a laptop, but may be dead-on for a desktop. Instead of investing in a completely new desk you can always consider lifting your current desk from the ground with a platform, or cinder blocks, or other material. When making a custom desk consider your ideal height. When typing, your arms should ideally extend directly from your body with your elbows resting comfortably by your torso.

A Clean Desk is an Ideal Desk

Make sure you have a comfy spot for your mouse which is easily reachable instead of buried under clutter or placed in a obscure location because your desk is a war zone. Foam padding and wrist rests aren't a bad idea either.

Stand Up at Work

Believe it or not, a standing desk is actual ideal for best ergonomic working positions. If you're going to build yourself a new desk, consider this option.



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