How to Build an Indoor - Outdoor Shower

What You'll Need
Construction tools
Wooden blocks (to lay out the cement-pad)
Plumbing (drainage and fresh water pipes)
Picket fence

An indoor-outdoor shower is commonly found in tropical resorts where the weather is moderate and the skies are lush, it is basically an indoor bathroom without a roof. Some people accessorize with plants and pebble floor to give it a totally outdoor experience. But for an average home you can fashion it to serve as both an ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ shower. Building your indoor-outdoor shower will require a degree of building experience, depending on how lavish you make it to be. Follow the steps described below in order to build such a shower.

Step 1 – Assessing Space Limitations

If you want the outdoor section of your shower to have access from the outside than you have to assess which part of your house is best suited to it. It’s best to add it to your house design before building it, but if you are renovating than its best to go for the bathroom with an outer wall. You can get professional help with this if you want. If your patio has sliding doors and you want the enclosure to be hassle free you can convert that area into your indoor-outdoor shower.

Step 2 – Getting the Sun In

Now whether you decide to take out part of the wall or use the existing patio doors is up to you. If there is a window area you can take that out and make an opening in the wall which steps right outside.

Step 3 – Installing the Floor Tiles and Drainage

You can get professional plumbing advice on the drainage system of your extended shower. Easiest way is you link the drainage of your existing shower to that of the outdoor enclosure. If you want to keep it completely natural and want the water soak into the ground that is up to you. If you go with the drainage system than you need to install flooring, easiest and cheapest is to go with tiles. First you will have to level the floor, lay out the concrete-pad and on top of that, place the tiles setting them with cement.

Step 4 – Installing the Picket Fence

Once you have made an access to the outside you need to make a boundary wall for your outdoor enclosure. For this you can buy a fancy outdoor shower enclosure or use an inexpensive picket fence and paint it in wood to give it an expensive wooden look.

Step 5 – Installing the Shower

Installing the shower is easy, get your shower-head and attach it to the plumbing. Make sure you use a weather resistant outdoor shower-head.

Step 6 – Finishing Up

Your aesthetics will guide the finished look of your indoor-outdoor shower. But what is most important is getting the plumbing right and cementing the hole you made in the wall, you can either paint it up or cover with tiles matching your floor, for an added look you can use pebbles to finish off the wall to give it a more outdoorsy look.

Step 7 – Tips and Precautions

When taking down a section of the wall make sure you get professional help to ensure that the support of the house is not being affected. This is not a one day project and you might need some help with some of the construction.