How to Build an Indoor Trampoline

What You'll Need
Indoor trampoline kit
Instruction manual
Socket wrench

When you have an indoor trampoline it is usually for the specific purpose of an athletic exercise known as rebounding. Rebounding strengthens your leg muscles and increases balance by jumping on the indoor trampoline. The indoor trampoline is much smaller than a traditional trampoline and often has a handle attached to it so you can maintain complete control without chance of injury. The indoor trampoline is found in several sizes including circle, square and rectangle. These trampolines are all built in the same general way and the information below will show you how it is done.

Step 1 – Remove the Indoor Trampoline

When you get the indoor trampoline home, you will need to open the box and remove the parts. Neatly arrange the pieces and use the instruction manual to determine that all the pieces are there. Remove each piece from its plastic. Try to keep the pieces that look the same together.

Step 2 – Attaching the Legs

The frame of the indoor trampoline is already assembled. Some even have the mat already attached. If this is the case then you can skip Step 3. To install the legs, you need to turn the frame over. Locate the holes on the side of the frame for the indoor trampoline. Have all of the legs nearby and start installing them. Place the first leg on the frame making sure the holes line up. You can then insert the bolt followed by the nut on the other end. Place each of the legs in place and tighten them all the same way. Make certain that the legs will not move. You want the nuts and bolts tightened but not at the expense of stripping the bolt.

Step 3 – Install the Mat

Not every indoor trampoline has a mat that you need to install. If the mat is in place already, continue to Step 4. Turn the trampoline frame over and unravel the mat. Locate the grommets on the side and then place the mat of the indoor trampoline on top of the frame. On the side of the frame are more holes. Insert the springs through these holes. The look of the springs cannot be misidentified. They have 2 hooks on each end. Thread one end through the hole on the frame. Position the mat on top of the frame and twist it until the holes line up with the holes on the frame. Insert the hook of the other end to the holes on the mat. Continue until each hole has a spring.

Step 4 – Put on the Handles

Look for holes on the side of the frame. There will be a pair of holes on each side of the indoor trampoline until the handle is made to attach to a single side. Place the handle over the screw holes and then insert the screws. Slide the nut in place and tighten it with your hand. Repeat with the other screws and then use the socket wrench to tighten them.