How to Build an Insulated Dog House

If you live in a place where it gets cold at night, you'll need to build your dog an insulated dog house if you wish to have him stay outside. Without an insulated dog house, you put your pet at risk for injury, adverse medical conditions or even death if you leave him outside at night. Fortunately, an insulated dog house is very easy to build. In fact, the process for building a house of this type is virtually the same as that of building an uninsulated dog house. You'll simply need to purchase the correct materials. Read on for a step by step guide on how to build an insulated house for your dog.

Step 1 -- Gather the Appropriate Materials and Tools

Begin by collecting the following tools and materials for the dog house:

  • 2 foot by 3 foot side panels of insulated wood (two inches thick)
  • 2 foot by 3 foot base panel
  • Flooring materials
  • Hammer and nails
  • Slanted roof panels and shingles, if desired
  • Foam insulation
  • Level

Step 2 -- Design Your House

If you wish to have a standard form dog house, draw it out on a piece of paper to visualize how the building will look when it's complete. Consider other add-ons that you may wish to include, such as added features on the front of the house, a closing door or entrance flap and more. These will all require additional planning and construction on your part.

Step 3 -- Lay the Foundation and Sides

Make sure that the area that you're planning to use for your dog house location is flat. You can check this out with a level. if it's not flat, use a shovel to move the dirt and soil around until you do have a suitably flat space for the house. Next, lay the foundation panel on the ground. Using a hammer and nails, attach the side and rear wall panels at a vertical angle so that they are closely connected to the base.

Step 4 -- Lay the Flooring

Next, lay the flooring for the house. This can be done with carpet or another set of floor boards and will help to provide insulation for the house when it's cold outside.

Step 5 -- Attach the Roof

Finally, attach the roof to the house. A slanted roof will help to skim off water or snow that might otherwise build up and cause damage to the structural integrity of the house. It also gives your pet more room to stand up inside of the house. Lay shingles on the roof if you desire.

Step 6 -- Use Insulation Foam

If there are any areas of the dog house that you're concerned about not being insulated, use quick drying insulation foam to seal them up from the outside environment. Sand down the foam to create an attractive appearance, if you wish.

All of the materials needed for this project are available at home improvement and hardware stores.