How to Build an Iron Trellis How to Build an Iron Trellis

What You'll Need
Drawing paper and pencil, black marker
Life size paper sheet to draw on
Tape for drawing paper
Iron trellis raw material
Torch or pipe cutting tool (possibly)
Soldering iron and solder
Large piece of scrap wood as large as the trellis

Building an iron trellis is an artistic project that requires metal working skills and special tools that can be rented. Once completed is should add to the beauty of your outdoor living space. You can buy different types of iron from the hardware store or home improvement center, in different thicknesses, or in different material types or varying colors. See if you can have them cut the iron rods that you might want to purchase to the sizes that you will need when you construct your iron trellis. Sometimes the only iron stock available is in very large lengths. You may have to arrange for special transportation, like a truck or van, to get the rods back to the trellis location.

 Step 1 - Design the Iron Trellis

Draw out on a regular sized sheet of paper a small design of the iron trellis to see the complete image. Transfer this image to scale on a large sheet of paper. You should draw out the image life size. Tape together smaller pieces of large drawing paper if needed to create a life size model. This life sized drawing should read like a blueprint with notes and bar sizes, etc. Transfer just the drawing of the actual trellis to a large piece of scrap wood. You will lay out the metal trellis on top of this wood with the image drawn on as you assemble the iron trellis pieces.

 Step 2 – Build the Iron Trellis

Taking the iron pieces you purchased at the store according to the thickness and measured totals you calculated from your drawings, cut the vertical iron trellis pieces first. If you wish to add artistic detail to the ends of the vertical rods, like spirals or ornate curving, be certain to keep that in mind when measuring the pieces before you cut them. Next, cut the horizontal pieces to length in accordance with your blueprint. Be certain you leave 8 to 10 inches of extra rod length at the bottom of 2 or 3 vertical pieces to be used as anchors into the ground. Lay out the pieces on the wood with the drawing on it. Shape the artistic design such as curving in the rods before welding them together. Begin to attach the horizontal cross members to each vertical rod, one after the other, one horizontal rod at a time, working your way from bottom to the top of the trellis. Weld or solder the pieces in place as you move from one piece to the next.

 Step 3 – Finishing Touches to the Iron Trellis

After the trellis has been built, you may want to paint it or decorate it in other ways with staining products. Paint or decorate as you wish. Locate where you want to place the trellis, and drive the vertical seating rods into the ground. Dig holes as needed; try not to push down on the horizontall rods to seat the trellis, as you may break them.

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