How to Build an Office Storage Cabinet How to Build an Office Storage Cabinet

What You'll Need
Protective glasses
Various other hardware
Measuring tape
1/4-inch dowel rods
1/4-inch bore bit
Wood glue

Being organized in your office, be it home or otherwise, is essential to productive work flow, making an office storage cabinet a potentially important object. If you like to craft with wood and have a free weekend you could try your hand at building an office storage cabinet. This is very easy and inexpensive to build. The information contained here will show you how to create your own office storage cabinet.

Step 1 - Dimensions of the Office Storage Cabinet

An office storage cabinet is essentially a taller version of a box with a door. When you determine the size of the office storage cabinet take into account where you will be storing in it and the size of the area it will be placed. This office storage cabinet consists of a top and bottom, two sides, a back, the door and a shelf. The width, depth and height are your primary concerns. The top and bottom of the office storage cabinet are the same size as the width and the depth. The door is the same size as the width and the height. The shelf is the width and depth minus the thickness of the wood used for the sides. Be sure to record these measurements.

Step 2 - Cutting

Place your measurements onto the selected wood. You may be able to get away with one piece of wood, depending on the size of the office storage cabinet you are building. Begin to cut out the pieces and sand the edges even. After sanding, you can use a tack cloth and towel to wipe down the wood to remove sawdust. Measure each side piece and determine the center. Now, measure 1/2 inch from each side. Use the drill and the bore bit to make small 1/4 inch holes at these marks. Make these holes so they are less than half the depth of the thickness of the wood. Measure the thickness of the wood and cut the dowel rods to be 1 1/2 times larger than depth drilled. If you wish to stain the wood you can do that at this point.

Step 3 - Assembling

Place both of the sides on your work surface and insert the dowel rods. Spread a small line of wood glue along the long sides of the back piece, then plumb up the sides to the back piece. Add a series of nails along the edge to secure the sides to the back. Place a thin line of wood glue along the top edges of the cabinet and place the top piece in place and nail it down. Repeat with the bottom piece. Set the office storage cabinet upright and place the shelf on top of the dowel rods. Place the hinges onto the door at an inch from the top and the bottom of the door. Determine the center of the door and measure an inch in from the side opposite the hinges. Install the knob.

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