How to Build an Outdoor Baby Swing

An outdoor baby swing is a great way to make your baby comfortable and keep him entertained. Making one at home saves on costs to a great extent and also leaves room for improvisation. The outdoor swing that you make can be placed indoors as well, according to your needs. Here is an easy guide for building an outdoor baby swing.

Tools and Materials

  • 2-inch eyes (2)
  • 2-inch S hooks (2)
  • 3/8-inch heavy duty rope of nylon, 8 feet long
  • Duct tape
  • Safety seat

Step 1: Attaching Rope

Cut the rope into two parts of length 4 feet each. One end of this rope has to be attached tightly to the S hook that is 2 inches. Sand up the areas, around the hole, using medium grit sandpaper. This removes jagged protrusions, if any, from the seat. Now, take the free end of the rope and attach it to the safety seat hole. Repeat this process so that the rope is secured to the remaining hole in the safety seat.

Step 2: Setting Up the Swing

Now secure the eyes up to the tree branch or the beam on the porch roof by screwing them in. Drill holes into the beam or the branch at the level you deem fit, before inserting screws. Make sure that the structures on which the swing has to be attached is strong enough to take up the weight of the baby and the swing together.

Step 3: Final Hooking

Put the hooks into the eyes that you inserted. Now attach the seat that is connected to the rope, to this hook. Make sure that the swing is level. The rope is a better option instead of attaching chains to the seat, as the latter can rust over time and also cause injuries to the child. The eyes and hooks you put up must be galvanized to prevent formation of rust.

Step 4: Seat Requirements

The seat you choose needs to be spaced and molded so that there are no sharp corners or hard sides. Make sure that the safety straps on the seat are firm so that the baby can swing, without the risk of falling off the seat. All the parts in the safety seat needs to be covered well with the padding so that there are no rough structures that cause trouble to the baby. Cut some foam padding into small pieces. Place these over the corners of the holes on the seat, and tape them up using duct tape. The tape must completely cover the padding foam so that moisture does not seep into it, causing it to rot. The width of the seat must be chosen, keeping in mind the size of your baby. It must not be less than the required size or more, either. As a precaution, make sure that the child is not allowed to play alone on the swing, without some adult supervision.