How to Build an Outdoor Patio Fireplace How to Build an Outdoor Patio Fireplace

What You'll Need
Pre-fabricated fireplace with full instructions
Welded wire mesh
Sledge hammer or compactor
Tile cutter


An outdoor patio fireplace can add to the enjoyment of a patio. Before building an outdoor patio fireplace, check with your local zoning regulations. Smoke emissions as well as chimney height may be subject to regulation.

Step 1 – Decide on the Location

If you are going to build on to your patio you need to be sure that the fireplace will not be adversely affected by the wind.

Step 2 – Decide on the Design

Once you know where the fireplace will be you must decide how big it will be and how it will fit onto the patio.

Step 3 – Buy a Pre-fabricated Fireplace

A pre-fabricated fire place may help you avoid any problems that might arise with calculating flue sizes and obtaining any necessary permission. It will also come with complete fitting instructions and the necessary fire bricks.

Step 4 – Prepare the Base

The weight of the fireplace can put stress on your patio and cause it to crack. The fireplace should be built on its own footings.

Step 5 – Remove Patio Tiles

The fireplace kit will have details of the size of the base of the fireplace. You need to remove tiles from the patio to expose that amount of area.

Step 6 – Dig the Footings

Dig a hole about one foot deep for the fireplace footings. The hole will be the same size as the hole made in the patio floor by the removal of the tiles.

Step 7 – Firm up the Hole

Make sure the bottom of the hole is very firm. If you have a compactor, use that or use the flat end of a sledge hammer.

Step 8 – Pour Cement

Pour about four inches of cement into the hole and level it off. On top of this place a piece of heavy gauge wire mesh. Pour another four inches of cement and place another piece of heavy gauge wire mesh on top of that. Fill off the hole with cement until it is level with the bases of the tiles of the patio floor.

Step 9 – Allow to Dry

Allow this base to dry for at least two days but sprinkle it with water every five or six hours.

Step 10 – Build the Fireplace

Following the instructions carefully build the pre-fabricated fireplace on the foundation you have built.

Step 11 – Fill the Space

While the mortar on the fireplace is drying cut some of the patio tiles to fill the spaces around the base of the fireplace. Cut them so that they maintain the floor pattern and cement them in place.

Step 12 – Test the Fireplace

Once the fireplace mortar is fully dry, test the fireplace to ensure that the chimney draws properly. Light some crumpled newspaper in the fire box and the smoke should be drawn up the chimney. Sometimes this check can be slow because new chimneys often need to warm up before they draw properly.

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