How to Build an Outdoor Propane Fireplace

What You'll Need
Cinder Blocks
Capping blocks/stone
Quick setting cement
Sand or fill dirt and pavers
Pebble or firepit stone
Lava rock or volcanic stone
6 by 4 inch lumber
Propane regulator
Copper tubing with fittings
24 inch trough burner with plate
Propane tank

A propane fireplace adds value and glamour to an outdoor area. You can choose from a traditional look chimney type fireplace if you just want the ambiance, but don’t really need heat. However, if you are looking for something that you can use for heat as well as looking good, you should consider a firepit style fireplace.

Step 1 – Decide Where You will Place the Firepit

Your outdoor fireplaces should not be located close to the home or near any flammable materials. The location should be level and you should be careful not to place the firepit on top of any underground pipes or cables. 

Step 2 – Dig the Hole For the Base

Draw a rectangle on the ground where you want the firepit. Keep in mind that you can make a pit of any shape and are not restricted to only a rectangular shape.

Dig a trough to the pit from the propane tank/ Place the tubing into it. Then, run the tubing into the pit and up to the outside of the base. The tubing should go up through the center of the pit, until the right height is accomplished. 

Step 3 – Build the Base

Make a frame that is 5 feet by 3 feet out of the 6 by 4 inch lumber. The concrete will be poured into this temporary frame to make the base of the firepit. Add rebar for strength and then pour the cement into the mold. Screen and smooth the pit and then allow to set. When the concrete is dry, remove the wooden frame. 

Step 4 – Add the Regulator

Install the propane regulator on the outside of the base. It should come up the center of the pit to the top. Then, build up your fireplace as high as you like using cinder blocks and mortar. When it is almost as high as you need, mortar on the capping blocks or stones for a neat finish. Remove any excess mortar and make sure all is level before you leave it to set. 

Step 5 – Add the Sand

Fill the center of the pit with sand or dirt until it comes to around 6 inches of the top. Connect the gas and install your trough burner so that the rim comes to the top of the pit and fill around it with pebbles or firepit stones. The stones come in different colors for a great finish. 

Pile enough Lava rock onto the plate that it covers the burner. This allows the flames to move around the rocks and give a more natural look. 

Step 6 – Pave the Area

Level the area around the fireplace and, using the sand and pavers, pave the area for a neat finish. You can use any design that matches your outdoor theme. Always be sure to supervise young children around firepits for safety and be careful about high winds whenever you have lit your fireplace, never leave it unattended.