How to Build an Outdoor Sandstone Wall

What You'll Need
Sandstones of various sizes
Mortar mix
Wood planks

An outdoor sandstone wall adds a different charm to your exteriors and also makes it safe from intrusion by animals. Especially for use in a garden, it heightens the beauty of the plants and shrubs. While you can use any kind of material, sandstone is easy to handle and has its own unique look that makes it a builder’s favorite. Building a sandstone wall requires a little patience and this step by step guide shall help you construct it all by yourself within no time.

Step 1 - Choosing the Sandstone

Sandstones are available in a variety of shades ranging from white to cream to even pink. While you might prefer using a single shade, it is not a bad idea to use an assortment of all sandstone kinds for a great look. Once you have chosen the shade, purchase the required amount of stones after mentioning the desired height of the wall from the nearest quarry or mason shop.

Step 2 - Preparation

Make sure that you start work on a fine day with no chance of rain. Wear light work clothes and gear up for a wall building experience.

Step 3 - Making the Ground Ready

Decide which part of the garden will house the wall and accordingly mark the area. Take a shovel and dig the ground at least 4 inches deep and level the trench formed. This is necessary for having a strong foundation for the wall.

Step 4 - Placing the Stones

Take sandstones of  large sizes and lay these one after the other on the foundation. After placing them, mix the mortar following the instructions on the pack. The mortar must not be too flowy or tight. Take this mix on a trowel and spread it evenly on the foundation stones.

Step 5 - Setting the Wall

Take the one inch thick wood planks and place it at the sides where the foundation stones begin and end. Keep in mind that the height of the planks should be the same as the height of the wall you want to build. Now tie a string from the base till the upper edge of the plank. This is done so that the sandstones that will be placed are in a straight line.

Step 6 - Finishing Touches

Now take the stones and keep placing them in a one-over-two pattern. After adding at least two layers, plaster them with the mortar mix. Keep repeating this till the desired height of the wall is achieved. Note that the sandstones must be arranged in a proper manner and that the largest stones must be used for the top of the wall to create a superb look. The mortar must be spread evenly, but in small amounts. The sandstones must not be entirely covered with the plaster. Clean up the places where the mortar seeps out before it dries completely. The wall must be left to set naturally for 2 days. If necessary, you may cover it with a plastic sheet and place a few heavy bricks over it so that the structure does not wobble. After 2 days, uncover the wall and admire the piece of your lovely workmanship.