How to Build an Outdoor Shower Enclosure for Your RV Outdoor Shower

What You'll Need
2 inches PVC Tubes
Elbow Tarps
Shower Curtains
Shower Curtain Rings
Garden Filter Fabric
Small Saw (To cut the PVC tubes)
Measuring Tape

An outdoor shower enclosure for your RV outdoor shower can be bought from any outdoor retail or camping store. These enclosures are readily available in a wide variety that ranges from pop up to foldaway, or you can always build your own outdoor shower enclosure. It is relatively simple and does not require much expertise. You can follow a few simple steps to build your own enclosure.

Step 1 – Constructing the Frame of Your Outdoor Shower Enclosure

First step is to build a square of 4 by 4 feet, (you can adjust the size to your needs) for this you will need to cut up the PVC tubes at four feet length join them together using three way elbow tarps. This is your basic frame, now repeat the procedure and make another square of the same dimensions for the top of the enclosure. Cut out four six feet lengths of the PVC tube, these will for the vertical supports.

Step 2 – Installing the Curtains

Ring one of the squares you just constructed with the shower rings. Pick the one with the third hole of the elbow tarp facing downwards. Then attach the curtains. If you don’t want to invest in shower curtains you can simply use plastic sheets and use utility cord to hang it from the rack.

Step 3 – Putting Together the Frame

Once you have ringed the PVC frame it is time to put it together. Use the vertical lengths and connect the two squares together forming a small enclosure. This will be your outdoor shower enclosure

Step 4 – Using the Garden Filter Fabric

Buy a 4 by 4 piece of garden filter fabric and place it on the floor where you set up your enclosure. It will serve to drain the water and protect your feet from mud, this is entirely optional; instead of using the fabric you can simply place your enclosure in a grassy patch or on a stone to prevent your feet from getting dirty

Step 5 – Enclosure Modifications

You can modify the above design by just building the crown ring of the enclosure and hang it from the luggage rack. You can use detachable hanging hoops to keep it in place.  For this you can simply use a sturdy hula-hoop and ring a curtain around it instead of using a PVC tube structure, then you can hang it from the luggage rack.

Step 6 – Storing Your RV Shower Enclosure

The PVC tubes that you put together can be deconstructed and stored in your luggage rack. Just take out the vertical supports and wrap the entire thing within the curtains and store on top of your RV. It is easy to put back together and an economical solution. You can also buy a camping shower storage box and place them within the box to protect from the elements. Let the curtains dry before you store them or they may acquire mildew.