How to Build an Outdoor Shower Enclosure Out of Bamboo

What You'll Need
Bamboo Sheets
Wooden boards
Horizontal wooden planks
Measuring tape
Galvanized nails
Post hole digger
A pair of gloves
Safety goggles

-You can build an outdoor shower enclosure for any shower built next to the pool or otherwise outdoors. Bamboo is an ideal material to build with as it has a great look and is environmental friendly as it saves wood from trees. Follow the steps below to successfully build an enclosure for your outdoor shower.

Step 1 – Take Necessary Precautions

Before you begin, make sure you are safe. Wear a pair of safety gloves and safety goggles to protect your hands and eyes.

Step 2 – Determining the Degree of Privacy

Determine the kind of design you want for your enclosure. If you want less privacy, you may expose the head and feet area or simply add gaps of 1½-inch between the bamboos.

If, however, you want total privacy, you can start from the floor to the top completely covering the feet and the head area or place bamboos next to each other without leaving any space between them. To cover the cracks at the sidings, you can use 1-foot by 2-inch wooden boards.

Step 3 – Purchasing the Bamboo

Buy the right length of bamboo needed from any shop that sells home supplies. If the bamboo is not pre-dried, cure it before using it to build the enclosure.

Step 4 – Drawing up the Basic Structure

You must build the enclosure before you fix bamboo to it. For a 3x6-foot enclosure, use wooden boards of 2 feet by 4 inches and place them horizontally.  Use 12x-6-inch wooden planks for siding.

On top of the solid concrete base or prefabricated blocks of concrete, use a level to set the posts up. If not, simply set them into a burrowed trench. To dig a trench, use post hole digger. Make sure that the top of each post is at the same level after they have been set into their position. After this is done, use 16 galvanized nails and set the 2 foot by 4 inch horizontal planks on each post.

Step 5 – Fixing Bamboo Sheets

Now add 6 by 6 feet bamboo sheets vertically to 2x4-inch planks.  The bamboo sheets can easily be found in any home supply shop. Also, they are water resistant and thus feasible for use for an outdoor shower. Fix them on the planks using keyhole saw that is attached to a drill. Increase pressure on the saw slowly after a bit of the saw is in the hole. Take one bamboo stick at a time. If the bamboo is longer than the length required, use a hand saw to cut them to the desired length. Once the bamboo enclosure has been built, apply varnish or paint if required.