How to Build an Outdoor TV Antenna

  • 5-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500
What You'll Need
16 Screws
2 Grill screens
4 Wood screws
Coaxial cable
Measuring tape
8 Wire coat hangers
36-inch Stock wood
300-ohm transformer
Insulated copper wire

It is not expensive to build your own outdoor TV antenna and this will definitely help to reduce the problems that you might have with interference and weak TV signals at home. Make sure that you follow all instructions carefully so the result will be satisfactory.

Make sure that the stock wood is a 36-inch piece of one 1 by 3 inches. You need two pieces of insulated copper wire and the length of each piece should be about 40 inches. The area of the grill screens should be 9 inches by 15 inches each. The wood screws should be 1.5 inches long whereas the other screws should vary between three to five inches. The washers must match the screws.

Step 1 – Starting The Building Job

On the ground put a 2 by 4 wooden board that is about three feet long. Fix 8 from the 16 screws in the board but make sure not to fasten them too tightly. Put the screws in 2 rows, 4 screws per row. Keep in mind that the screws should be about ¾ inch away from the board’s edge.

Step 2 – Using The Wire Coat Hangers

Take away the heads of the eight wire coat hangers and uncoil them. Now fold each wire in two to form a shape that looks somewhat like the letter V. Place every folded wire on the top of a screw and check them to see that the tips are not in contact with one another.

Step 3 – Using The Insulated Copper Wire

Place the insulated copper wire on the board and cut away the insulation from the wire with a pair of pliers. Make sure that you do not cut more than 1 inch. Connect the wire to the screws and coil the exposed end of the wire around the outer screws on both sides of the board. Cut another 1 inch piece of insulation from the central part of the copper wire that runs from the second screw to the third screw. Now it is time to tighten all the screws that you have on the board.

Step 4 – Using the Grill screens and the Transformer

Put the metal grill screens over the back of the wooden board. Now put the transformer on the front side of the wooden board. Cut away some insulation from the wires of the transformer and connect them to the wires from which you had previously cut off an inch. Make sure you fix the wires together securely with two 1 1/2 inch screws.

Step 5 – Mounting the TV Antenna

After you finish building your outdoor TV antenna, take it somewhere high, for example, the roof of your house. Select a particular point on the rooftop and mount the TV antenna there. Fasten one end of the L-brackets to the bottom of the wooden board, and fix the other end to any stationary object you might have on your rooftop. Connect the coaxial cable to the transformer and run it down the roof to your television set.