How to Build an RV Carport

What You'll Need
Concrete and pourer for garage base
Basic tools including a screwdriver, wrench, hammer and saw
Paint or wood stain

Building an RV carport is something that any DIY enthusiast should be able to manage without much of a problem. You will need to pay attention to detail, since it is easy to build a carport which is too flimsy and prone to damage in strong winds. Ideally, the structure should have a concrete base. It should also be secured properly at all the joints and high quality stainless steel bolts should be used in all parts. Using nails is not adequate because this type of structure does not have any walls and instead stands on pillars.

Step 1-Decide on the Style of Garage that You Want to Build

If you are interested in building a cheap garage, the best style to use is the carport. A carport garage is one that is supported on poles rather than by walls. It is simply an open area with a roof to help protect your car from weather. The roof of the structure can either be flat or sloping. There are advantages and disadvantages of each type, and you may also want to review your local planning permission rules to get a better idea of what is allowed. You will likely need a building permit, depending on where you live.

When you have decided on the type of garage you want to build, you should continue with a sketch plan. Figure out all of the parts and materials that you need and take the appropriate measurements. Before you obtain a building permit, you will need a final design. You can do this yourself, but if your structure is going to be fairly complicated, you may want to hire a professional to help.

Step 2-Setting the Foundations

The structure should be built upon concrete slabs. First, the area needs to be dug out and then the concrete poured in. The foundations should be approximately 6 inches deep and they should be a framed by a box made from wood around the perimeter of the structure. The concrete should be poured into this box. To pour the concrete, you will need to rent the appropriate equipment or have a tradesman do the job for you.

Step 3-Constructing the Carport

Using the measurements in your plans and the appropriate type of wood. Cut the parts of the frame as required. Use metal brackets to join them together. The roof trusses will require strong plywood or metal gussets to join them. If you are building a flat roof, construction is somewhat simpler. Everything should be bolted together with heavy duty stainless steel bolts and nuts. When you have completed the basic structure, the wood should be stained to protect it from weather.