How to Build and Install a Doorway Chin Up Bar How to Build and Install a Doorway Chin Up Bar

What You'll Need
Pipe (at least 3/4 inches in diameter)
Wall Brackets
Long Screws
Zip Ties
Athletic Tape
Spotter/Soft place

doorway chin up bar is an exercise tool that you can use in your house to build up your upper body, primarily your biceps. Using it is very simple and effective. You hold onto the chin up bar installed over your head and proceed to haul your body upwards until your chin reaches the bar. Follow the simple steps below to install a chin up bar in any doorframe in your home.

Step 1: Prepare

Before you begin building, you must decide where you want to hang your chin up bar. Select a doorway that is out of the way of the main house, like that of a spare room. Take measurements, keeping in mind that the length of the bar should be in line with the width of your doorway. Buy a pipe that is at least ¾ inches in diameter. Anything thinner may not be able to withstand use for very long.

Step 2: Place Wall Brackets

Mount wall brackets with screws on both respective sides of the doorway. Assure that the slots in which the bar will be placed are even and stable. It is best to use longer screws instead of the shorter ones as they will remain functional and tight when weight is placed on your bar.

Step 3: Cut the Pipe for Your Bar

Once the wall brackets and screws are in place, cut the pipe that will serve as your chin up bar. Cut it so that it fits well within your doorway’s specifications or dimensions. It may be best to roughly insert the pipe into the doorway to test its correct length before you cut.

Step 4: Place the Metal Bar

Insert the pipe of your chin up bar through the mounted wall brackets until the ends rest in the brackets. This will act as an effective support system, especially when additional weight is placed. Wrap the edges of your bar with athletic tape for additional security. Place zip ties around the bar towards both inner and outer side of the wall brackets, and fasten them tightly so as to prevent the metal from moving within the holes.

Step 5: Test and Use

Check the dimensions of your chin up bar to ensure that it is mounted appropriately. Test to see if it can hold the weight of an average sized person with the help of a spotter. Once inspected, your chin up bar is ready to be used for your workouts.

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