How to Build Backless Swivel Bar Stools

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Hand Drill

You can build your own backless swivel bar stools if you are on a tight budget. Swivel chair prices can range widely and be expensive. You can make your own bar stool from scratch for less than a quarter of the price you would pay for it in the shops.

Step 1 – Deciding on the Wood

When it comes to choosing the wood for your stools, there is no right or wrong answer. Keep in mind that if you will be using the stools on a regular basis, you should consider using hard wood. Also, take into the account the color of the wood, unless you want to take the time to varnish and stain it in order to match the rest of your furniture. 

Step 2 – Size and Shape

Once you have chosen the wood, it is now time to decide on the style of the bar stool. Decide whether you want the stool to have a modern or traditional style. The choice is entirely up to you and should coincide with the remainder of your furniture. Use caution when you are planning your measurements for the height and width of the stool. Keep in mind that the person must be able to sit comfortably.

Take care when cutting the pieces to make sure that they are of the right size. Measure 2 to 3 times to be sure you get it right. Once all the pieces have been cut, glue them together and use nails to keep them sturdy. Leave enough time for the glue to set before testing the stool out to avoid injuries.

Step 3 – Upholstery

Begin by choosing the right upholstery. Take into consideration your home's decor and personal style. Then, take a circular piece of wood, it will act as the base of the cushion for the top of the stool. Cut a piece of foam, using the circular disk  as a template and glue the foam to the wooden circle. Next, place the foam on the fabric and cut around it leaving at least 3 inches around the edge for the staples. Start at one end and go around the whole circle stapling the fabric to the bottom of the wood. Make sure to pull firmly on the fabric so that it is tightly secured.

Step 4 – Putting it Together

Once all the individual pieces are ready, it is now time for them to come together.  Use a regular hand drill and couple of nails, making sure they are of the right length and join all the pieces together firmly. Be sure to test out your furniture and check for stability.