How to Build Basement Stairs Part 3

What You'll Need
Stair gauge
Square edge

Adding basement stairs in the house entails quite a bit of work. You have to measure the basement area in order to prepare the location for the stairs. Once that is done, you have to cut the stringers and the treads and risers, which will form your basis of the stairs. You should have the measurements from your existing stairs and a few basic tools.

It is not a job that needs to be rushed; therefore, make sure that you have set aside enough time to do the project correctly. When doing this work, do not make any errors. It is very important to use the tools and directions provided to be sure you take the measurements correctly. The tools needed and a step-by-step guide to complete this job are listed below.

Step 1- Lay Out the Measurements

Lay the measurements out that you have for the staircase. These are the measurements you need to build the stringers. You will need these measurements when you cut the treads and the risers. Mark out the stringer’s length on the long piece of wood, which is the entire stair case length. You may need more than 1 piece of wood to get fully view the full length. The base of the stringers will be formed from this wood.

Step 2 - Make the Stringers

Attach the small clips using the square edge. These small clips are also called stair gauges. Measure the amount of rise you would like to have on the stairs. Put the height and length measurements on the square. Do so to allow the gauges to show where each of the lines should be.

Measure the length from gauge using a ruler. Cross the length from the opposite side. Cross it until a triangular shape is formed on the wood’s length. Form the first stringer by cutting outside the edges of the triangles. For the opposite side, you will need to repeat this step. You can turn the stringer over and trace the line on the opposite side to do so.

Step 3 - Cut the Risers and the Treads

The next step is to cut the treads and the risers to the correct length. The risers should all be the same height as the triangle’s edge, which is going up. Each of the treads should be similar to the depth of the triangle’s edge going along. You can fit the stringer steps and parts together in order to make them whole. After you finish cutting it, you will be able to install basement stairs.